Stay-at-home TV host creates new vacation rental program

Canada: The presenter of HGTV’s Canadian programs, Revenue property and Bootcamp Buyers, Scott McGillivray, is organizing a new program focused on vacation rentals.

The show, titled Scott’s Vacation Home Rules, premiering Sunday on the HGTV Canadian Network.

Each episode, McGillivray seeks out various vacation home owners to help them find unique items to market their hotels. McGillivray does this with fourteen years of experience in the space, focused on creating unique experiences for investment and long-stay properties.

McGillivray Recount Hello Canada: “The short-term vacation rental market is currently quite lucrative, so I thought, ‘Why not take care of this and show people how to do it right?’ There are a lot of people trying to do it, but they’re not doing a fantastic job.”

The host also believes that the vacation rental program and market will see a major boom after the current global pandemic. He predicts that smaller hotel properties will help ease travel anxiety created by the pandemic.

He added: “Driving two hours from your house and spending a week with you and just your family on a beautiful property with lots of fun things to do, seems like probably the first best reality we can expect this summer. “

McGillivray also hopes her show will inspire landlords to convert their own properties into vacation rentals once the pandemic is over. He has engaged in his own quarantine DIY projects in order to be closer to his family and keep busy while he waits.

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