Stay at Indiana Fort with Cowboy Saloon and Outdoor Tub

After spending my whole life in boring hotel rooms, I was so excited when Airbnb and Vrbo became a thing. I like everything about staying in places like those offered by websites. They are, generally lol, so much nicer and more spacious than a typical one, two double beds, a bathtub, a TV, a desk, a chest of drawers, a bedside table and a small hotel room type closet. I loved each one I have stayed in.

Lately I’ve been looking for unique places to stay. You know those. The ones that are more like an experience. A unique experience that you cannot truly experience anywhere else. Many renters on Airbnb are trying to find a unique niche. Whether it’s a treehouse, motorhome, covered wagon, teepee, arch, yurt, houseboat or pirate ship is something out of the ordinary that will make you have a great night’s sleep no matter how many nights you spend at home away from home. residence.

When I stumbled upon this fort, yes I said STRONG. I had to do a double take. Does Airbnb want to tell me that I can stay in my own fort? OMG! I bet everything! Now to go shopping for my Little house in the prairies stylish dresses at Target. Am I right? LOL And, it’s made for two. Oh, the games of Fort Q and I could play. 😉

Anyway, back to this amazing private fort at Morgantown, IN. I think I should have a discount, right? Leslie Morgan, Morgantown … okay, maybe not.

Here is a bit of the Airbnb description.

Inspired by a strong pioneer of the 1860s, The Fort Escape is unlike anything you’ve seen before. With an old western town replicated inside, you are surrounded by adventure.

Yes and yes. Take a look inside the walls of Fort Escape.

Stay at this Indiana Fort with Cowboy Saloon, outdoor tub, and complete privacy

Morganville, IN offers a nighttime Airbnb experience like no other.

To book your stay at Fort Escape, click on HERE.

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