Stay in the ‘Sex and the City’ apartment and the ‘Cobra Kai’ house thanks to Airbnb

Anyone who’s ever seen Carrie Bradshaw living her life in the big city, or seen scenes of karate practice in a familiar California mansion must feel one thing above all else: envy. Fortunately, Airbnb is here to meet your geographic wishes with new listings for staying in the famous Sex and the city apartment and residence LaRusso de Cobra Kai.

In celebration of the SATC to restart, And just like that …, fans can dive into the world of the hit HBO series for overnight stays in an apartment renovated to resemble the fashionista’s fictional brownstone. Sarah Jessica Parker herself will even drop by virtually to greet the lucky guests at the recording!

Those City worshipers can then help themselves to the free drinks, work on their own latest item on Carrie’s laptop, and rummage through her iconic blue cabinet. Plus, lucky residents will be treated to a styling and photoshoot featuring some of the show’s most iconic outfits, including Carrie’s memorable pink tutu dress from the opening credits.

Anyone looking to seize this opportunity must act quickly, because the reservation opens at noon EST on Monday, November 8 for one of the two slots on November 12 and 13. The lucky winners are responsible for travel expenses, but only have to spend $ 23 to log in for the night in the luxurious apartment – a nod to the 23-year history of the series.

If cities aren’t your thing, the San Fernando Valley Mansion by Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) will join soon the rental site after selling for $ 2.4 million, just in time to Cobra KaiThe release of season 4 of New Year’s Eve. However, keep in mind that the “West Coast Home” is actually just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, where the filming takes place.

The six-bedroom, six-and-a-half-bathroom home at Marietta has plenty of interesting amenities, including a koi pond, gardens, a two-story glass atrium, greenhouse, and swimming pool, as seen in the Netflix series. In addition to its “man cave”, the house has cathedral ceilings, three fireplaces, a wet bar and a brick shower, as well as the kitchen of your dreams, with a 48 inch refrigerator, a Wolf stove, two washing machines. – dishes and a wood stove. pizza oven on fire.

Created by an award-winning architect and international chef as his personal residence, the house has been designed with the environment in mind. Even those who haven’t seen the Karate kid The derivative series will certainly appreciate the beautiful details and the stunning design of the house. Fans who wish to stay in the LaRusso house should keep an eye on the mansion roster, as bookings will add up quickly!

Airbnb has a plethora of others famous film locations fans can stay, including Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) dusk house, Highclere’s Castle Downton abbey, The Guest House of Golden girls, and the cabin of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) of Avengers: Endgame, among many others.

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