Supernormal, driven by ChatGPT-like Smarts, raises $10 million

Supernormala Swedish and New York-based startup that uses ChatGPT-like artificial intelligences to automatically create meeting notes, has raised $10 million in a funding round led by London’s Capital of Balderton. Other investors include Sweden EQT VenturesDenmark by VC Founders and Seattle, Washington Acequia Capital. So far, the company has raised $12.9 million from investors.

Old Facebook and Klarna executive Colin Tresselerand Fabien Perez, who previously held product design roles at GitHub and music platform Splice, co-founded Supernormal in 2020. The seeds for the startup were sown during two-week meetings between Treseler and Perez, after which the two realized no one took notes, TechCrunch said. That’s when they came up with the idea for Supernormal.

“Supernormal is exactly the kind of tool that would have transformed my life working for remote companies like GitHub,” Perez told Tech EU. “With more and more companies opting for hybrid and distributed models, real-time communication and transparency are essential, and Supernormal gives people the tools to document their meetings and instantly share them with colleagues.”

Supernormal has mixed proprietary AI with OpenAI’s GPT3 – ChatGPT’s predecessor – to generate meeting notes. Its first products are integrated with major video conferencing platforms, such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. The company’s early customers include GitHub, Netflix, Airbnb and Salesforce. Supernormal’s technology can assess different types of meetings, such as presentations, client discovery, and interviews, and adjust notes accordingly, in addition to being a constant learner.

Supernormal has “just scratched the surface of a whole new class of actionable meeting data,” Treseler said, as quoted by FinSMES. Treseler claims Supernormal costs less than $1 per meeting, TechCrunch said, adding that such a high could challenge the company’s margins and profitability.

With a small team of five, Supernormal plans to use the funding round to expand in research and development, as well as sales.

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