Tastemade Launches Creators and Experiences, Connecting Creators and Their Fans Through Subscriptions and an Event-Based Marketplace

Tastemade Makers empowers influencers, experts and creators to generate new revenue, engage fans, build new audiences and leverage Tastemade’s massive media network

Through Tastemade Experiences, Manufacturers Can Create and Sell In-Person and Virtual Events

LOS ANGELES, 22 November 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, Home made announced the launch of two new products: Creators of flavors and Taste experiences, which enable creators to generate a new stream of revenue, interact with their fans and find new audiences by leveraging the power of Tastemade, which reaches a global audience of over 300 million monthly active viewers across all major digital, mobile and streaming TV platforms. Both products build on the foundation of Tastemade’s existing Maker community; Over the years, Tastemade has collaborated with Makers on original programming, social media content, brand partnerships and more – investing more than $ 35 million to help Makers develop, evolve and flourish. Creators are the ones in the lifestyle space who have a unique expertise or passion for their craft that they want to share with their online followers – they include chefs, mixologists, artisans, photographers, designers. , etc.

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Creators of flavors allows creators to turn their subscribers into loyal, engaged and paid fan bases by creating a subscription package of their choice, where they can use the platform to sell various perks to their fans including exclusive content, revenue secrets, tips and tricks, recommendations and reviews, direct email access, and more. At the start of 2022, Makers will also have the opportunity to trade directly and sell items à la carte. Creators benefit from promotional opportunities through Tastemade’s massive media footprint, a personalized profile page and URL on Tastemade.com, hands-on assistance to help them get started and grow, and access to certain analytics and data. of fans. Creators keep the vast majority of the income they generate, and there is no cost to register or publish. Manufacturers who currently offer Maker subscriptions include Frankie Celenza, Rose wilde, Leigh Loftus, and kitchen dope.

As a leading lifestyle content creator and programmer, Tastemade will work with creators on selected projects for the company and their partners, providing them access to its global development, partnership and studio teams, who have worked with hundreds of brands and platforms, including Nike. , Airbnb, Porsche, Amazon, Mastercard and Apple. Select Makers will also have the opportunity to appear in the hit Tastemade Originals on the Tastemade streaming network, which is distributed to nearly 150 million people in more than 50 countries, as well as on Tastemade’s social media.

Taste experiences is an event marketplace where creators can directly offer paid in-person and virtual experiences. Experiences provides creators with the tools they need to create, promote, sell, and run their events, including a live streaming system, worldwide payment options, guest management, metrics, and feedback. post-event analyzes, etc. Hundreds of Makers are already offering unique experiences, including Chief Joe sasto, mixologists at Manhattan Zodiac, Chief Jumoke Jackson, and travel guru Jon brownstein.

“We are delighted to unveil Makers and Experiences, the latest innovations from Tastemade to support our vital community of Makers,” said Rich Maggioto, responsible for the Tastemade platform. “With both products, manufacturers can showcase their expertise and work to deepen and monetize their relationships with the audience of passionate and curious consumers of Tastemade around the world. Manufacturers also have the opportunity to work with the studio and partners of Tastemade. Tastemade – Frankie Celenza, chef and host of our successful series Wrestling meal, and Rose wilde, a pastry chef who will star on a new Tastemade show, are two great examples of Makers who take advantage of all we have to offer, and we look forward to meeting all of the other talented creators. “

Makers and Experiences is a collaboration between Tastemade and its product engineering studio and development partner, Xmartlabs. Together, they designed, prototyped, and beta-tested the Maker Platform throughout 2021.

Tastemade Makers is now available on www.tastemade.com/makers and Tastemade Experiences is now available on www.tastemade.com/experiences. If you want to make a great designer, apply here. Visual resources are available here.

Tastemade is a modern media company that engages a global audience of over 300 million monthly viewers across all major digital, mobile and streaming TV platforms, garnering 700 million minutes watched each month. We create award-winning video content and original programming in the Food, Travel, Home and Design categories that we share with an engaged, passionate and global community. Tastemade has won numerous awards and accolades for its innovation and original programming, including two James Beard Awards and Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies” list. For more information, visit Tastemade at: www.tastemade.com.

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