White salmon, Washington Airbnb overlooking Mount Hood and the gorges

This White Salmon, Washington Airbnb offers views of Mount Hood and the Columbia River directly from your hot tub.

When I was in the process of buying my condo, a coworker told me “whenever you have the chance to live in a house with a view, do all you can to buy the house with a view”. So we bought the house with a view and we have never regretted this decision once. We can see the 4th of July fireworks being staged not only by the towns of Pasco and Kennewick, but also by the people of West Richland. Fighter planes fly over our rooftop during the summer boat races and we can see the traffic on the blue bridge before we even leave the house. Thought I had a great view of the Columbia River, but I saw this Airbnb with white salmon.

Laurel and Virgile on Airbnb

It’s incredibly difficult to get past that. If you have a big birthday coming up, or if you just feel a strong urge to take your loved one to a breathtaking place, you must jump on Airbnb and see some of the amazing announcements in the Pacific Northwest.

Laurel and Virgile on Airbnb

From the balcony you can see the ferries, boaters, jet skis and of course the natural beauty of the Gorge, Mount Hood and the Columbia River.

White Salmon is less than two and a half hours from Tri-Cities and offers some of the best natural beauty you can find in the entire Northwest. When you think about it, $ 200 is close to what most people pay for a night in a hotel, but these hotels don’t have a view of Mount Hood and the Columbia River that you can admire while bathing in a bathtub. outdoor hot tub. The living space also offers modern amenities such as a gas fireplace, television, DVD player and sound system. There is also an outdoor shower for jumping before and after relaxing in the hot tub.

Laurel and Virgile on Airbnb

So, now you are in White Salmon and looking for things to do. Hood River is just across the bridge with its wineries and breweries.

Laurel and Virgile on Airbnb

My wife and I used to take trips to Portland on “vacation”, but we always had problems finding a decent hotel that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. This Airbnb is just over an hour from Portland and all of the exciting city entertainment it has to offer. You might be looking for a place to stay for an upcoming Portland Trail Blazers concert or game.

Instead of finding a place to stay, now you can have a complete getaway experience. It is such a shame that my wife reads all of my articles so that she gets to know this place before I have the chance to take her on a romantic vacation.

WATCH: This Airbnb Magical Dome is all the rage in Bend, Oregon

I have been using Airbnb instead of staying in hotels for a while. They are generally less expensive and otherwise much more comfortable and “inhabited”. There is a heart you can feel when you walk into a rental that has been well maintained.

In all of my travels through Washington and Oregon, I have never seen an Airbnb rental with more character than this geodesic dome in Bend. it gives me clues Return of the Jedi and even some the Lord of the Rings. I’ve never stayed in Bend, Oregon, but this rental got me planning. See what I mean below.

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Walla Walla is famous for its wine, but how often are its cellars available on the market? If you’re like me, you’re probably pretty curious about what it’s like to own one. Don’t be curious anymore, this property will leave you stunned and jealous.

We’re in love with this colonial Kennewick home overlooking the orchard and the Columbia River

Even though it’s not on the market now, I want to show you around this colonial house in Kennewick. The house is beautiful but the property is spectacular. Come take a look!

The Texas real estate market will make you want to get away from the Tri-Cities

The housing market in Tri-Cities is insane. Just forget about Kennewick, Pasco and Richland! Even the homes of Prosser and Benton City are gaining height! It’s so crazy, my family members move To The Tri-Cities have seriously deteriorated. Take a look at my in-laws’ house they sold in Texas. He has five bedrooms, three full baths, two half baths, it is over 4000 square feet PLUS it has a heated inground pool which is closed to keep insects out. How much would you pay him? It sold for less than $ 450,000.

This house in Kennewick sold for more money, had half the square footage, NO pool, and had far fewer bedrooms and bathrooms. Do you understand where I am going with this? Let’s take a peek inside my in-laws old house and cry over a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

AZ: Celebrities you didn’t know were from Washington

Who knew Washington State was home to so many celebrities? So much so, in fact, that it was really hard to choose who was on the list. There were so many athletes and musicians to choose from that we started looking in other directions. We did have a rule, however. There are no serial killers or career criminals on this list. I want to thank Jeff Deminski from New Jersey for this wonderful idea.

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