TAT and Airbnb work together for digital nomads

To attract remote workers or digital nomads, Airbnb is collaborating with the Tourism Authority of Thailand on a number of projects, including the creation of a special hub in Thailand that will showcase the best long-term rental properties in the country. as well as important details on entry requirements and applicable visa regulations.

Airbnb will also collaborate with TAT on educational campaigns encouraging responsible hospitality and remote working while traveling. Later this year, a center specifically for Thailand is expected to open.

The online booking brand launched its “Live and Work Anywhere” project earlier this year to select some of the most remote and worker-friendly locations in the world.

Thailand is one of 20 destinations worldwide that Airbnb partners with to make it easier to live and work anywhere.

The aim is to help governments and travel agencies revive tourism and support local economies after more than two years of travel restrictions.

According to Tourism Authority of Thailand Deputy Governor of National Marketing, Thapanee Kiatphaibool, this is the perfect opportunity to partner with Airbnb.

“As we seek to rebuild the country’s tourism sector and accelerate recovery, we are honored to partner with Airbnb as part of its global Live and Work Anywhere initiative to attract long-term travelers to Thailand.”

Some of the destinations include Indonesia, Argentina, Spain, South Africa, Dubai, Portugal, Italy, and Mexico.

Despite the goodwill, it is still very difficult for digital nomads to stay and work in Thailand unless they have specific skills or a lot of money. Many remote workers have spotted the lack of real visa options over the years by getting dodgy ED visas, an equally dodgy B visa through a visa officer, or doing visa shopping, which are also fraught with costs, potential problems and risk of rejection.

Airbnb has also had problems circumventing Thai hotel law and short-term rental laws.

THE SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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