Teen Mom Fans Think MTV Dropped Major ‘Sign’ Two Fired Stars Will Return to Next Chapter Show Next Season

TEEN Mom fans think MTV may have dropped a major hint that two fired stars will return to the reality show.

The network recently shared a teaser for Girls Night In, featuring some familiar faces.


Teen Mom fans think two fired stars will return to the show next seasonCredit: Briana Dejesus/Instagram
Barbara Evans, Jenelle's mother recently appeared on Girls Night In, leading fans to believe it's a sign Jenelle is coming back.


Barbara Evans, Jenelle’s mother recently appeared on Girls Night In, leading fans to believe it’s a sign Jenelle is coming back.Credit: MTV

There were a few surprises in the form of jenelle evans and his mother Barbra Evans.

An Instagram user asked, “Wait. Why is Jenelle on this?”

Someone else joked, “Brianna, Jenelle, Debra? MTV knows what they’re doing.”

A third fan commented, “Oh pull Barb and Deb make an appearance!!”

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Another Twitter user wrote, “Yay Jenelle and Babs are on it!!!!!”

Jenelle was fired from MTV in 2019, but fans believe the teaser is a hint that she and husband David could return to the show next season.

Fans on a popular Teen Mom Reddit thread titled “Do we think this is a sign Jenelle is coming back?” sounded about the possibility.

One wrote: “As much as I wish I had cameras in Jenelle’s house so we can see what’s really going on. The idea of ​​funding her abuse and neglect is not something I am happy.”

“Babies can come back at any time,” they added.

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Another wrote: “Love Babs. Really hope Jenelle doesn’t come back. They should be desperate enough to bring her back.”

“I wish they would only bring Barb back just to piss off Jenelle and David,” said another.

“If MTV brings it back, that means they’re absolutely desperate to keep this dying franchise alive,” pinged another.

One backed up the idea, writing, “I’m sorry but I love and always will love Barbara Evans. I’m ok with Janelle coming back too.”

Jenelle briefly returned to the show in a new episode, which caused backlash among fans.


MTV aired the episode featuring Jenelle shortly after and faces tons of backlash on the decision.

In the episode, the mom of three joined Briana DeJesus and Jade Cline for a post-trial party.

As soon as Jenelle arrived at the party, welcomed in a AirBnB in Orlando, Twitter erupted with reactions.

While some were thrilled to see the controversial TV star back on their TVs, many thought the drama was too deep to ignore.

“MTV is fucked for having a racist and homophobic back”, commented a particularly angry critic.

Another wrote simply: “Jenelle? Hell no.”

Others focused on what seemed like potential drama between Jenelle and Jade.

“So Jade was worried about Jenelle but is she going to do her hair?” a viewer tweeted.

Someone else just zeroed in on a silly comment from Jade, who made it clear she didn’t want any drama: “‘I have a straightener.'”


Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom in 2019 after her husband David shot and killed their family dog.

David claims the dog tried to bite the couple’s three-year-old daughter, Ensley, in the face.

The controversial pair claimed in a YouTube video that The Teen Mom production team was afraid to work with Davidand would ask not to go to their house.

Meanwhile, Jenelle began her OnlyFans page in May, and she charges $20 a month as a subscription fee.

She quickly became one of the website’s top earners and was in the Top 1.3% of creators.

To continue its momentum, the former MTV The star began posting regularly on her OnlyFans page.

She often teased her hot content on his social media accounts without subscription.

Jenelle posted photos on Instagram where she is practically naked and unclothed — only shellfish.

The mum-of-three has even found a way to make everyday life sexy, by to undress before hitting the shower and posting it on Instagram.

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There have been several instances where her photos go against community guidelines on social platforms, so Jenelle hide his butt with an emoji.

She also took part in classic and sexy shots, like dressing up as naughty schoolgirl for a photo shoot.

Fans say they would rather see Barbara on the show and not Jenelle


Fans say they would rather see Barbara on the show and not JenelleCredit: MTV
Jenelle was fired from the show after her husband David killed their family dog ​​in 2019


Jenelle was fired from the show after her husband David killed their family dog ​​in 2019Credit: Instagram/ Jenelle Evans
Jenelle appeared in one of this season's episodes, but said she won't be returning full-time


Jenelle appeared in one of this season’s episodes, but said she won’t be returning full-timeCredit: MTV

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