Would you like to stay at this haunted hotel in southeast Minnesota?

There’s a hotel in southeastern Minnesota that couples often book when looking for a romantic getaway. This is a beautiful place that was built in 1875. The historic hotel sits next to the Mississippi River and has 67 Victorian rooms and a great restaurant for guest use.

It is also apparently haunted by nearly 100 spirits.

Would you book a room in a haunted room?

I would be quite annoyed if a ghost interrupted me and my wife romantic moment.

If you don’t mind having a spirit in your room, keep reading to find out how to book a night. Legend has it that there are nearly 100 ghosts that haunt this southeast Minnesota hotel.

Would you like to stay at this haunted hotel in southeast Minnesota?



The ghost of the former owner of the hotel lurks in the corridors. Clara Lillyblad lived in room 310 when she operated the hotel, and according to exploreminnesota.com, she is known to make her presence felt in the hotel and especially in this room.

And it’s not just Clara’s ghost inside the hotel.

Google Street View

Google Street View

The rostrum of stars details a horrific 1890 shipwreck on Lac Pépin where 98 passengers drowned.

In the days following the sinking, the hotel was used as a makeshift morgue.

Many people believe that the ghosts of this shipwreck still reside in the hotel.

For what it’s worth, the St. James Hotel has a 4.5-star rating on Travel Advisor.

I know several people who have stayed there and none have mentioned anything out of the ordinary. Learn more about the property and book a stay here.

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