The Airbnb superhost’s scathing responses to critics

Kylie Miner, TikTok user (@catatonicxx) went viral reading out loud an Airbnb host’s scathing responses to even the most positive guest reviews.

“Terry” – who is only represented by his blonde bitmoji that has the word “Thank you!” looming at the top of his head — is a feisty superhost outside of Tampa, Florida, and TikTok can’t seem to get enough of his outspoken comments.

One guest, Becky, wrote in February 2021: ‘The whole chalet could use some sprucing up. That said, we couldn’t beat the cost and we were happy with our stay.”

Terry didn’t give a damn: “This guest wouldn’t know anything about renovating a house! They left my lovely clean vintage cottage so dirty it was ridiculous! Very destructive and disrespectful of the house.”

Guest Juanita also fell victim to Terry’s lines – and she was even banned from future stays.

“Cute cottage. Hard to find parking,” Juanita wrote last May of the moderately priced stay on Indian Rocks Beach, apparently leaving only three stars on the abode.

“Three stars, you’re serious, too bad I gave it a good review,” Terry replied. “Amazing how these people don’t mention a word about anything for an explanation of the circumstances. . . She is not welcome. I consider this a lie.

Miner’s posts about Terry have been viewed more than 150,000 times and earned her about 600 followers, she said.

“Terry keep giving me this content, how could I not [keep making videos]?” Miner, a 30-year-old training consultant from Minneapolis, told the Post.

Miner added that she came across viral video fodder on Airbnb while planning a trip to the Sunshine State to see a friend in Clearwater a few weeks ago.

“It looked cute, it looked spunky and it was cheap. But then I went to the reviews and lost my s–t. I spent the whole night reading each one of them.

Another guest, vacationer Jorge L., who left constructive criticism in his review, was also banned from the beach chalet.

“This place is good for a few days, very close to the beach,” he wrote last March. “But this chalet needs to be renovated. AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. The beds were responsiblehe wrote, probably misspelled with ease.

“Yeah JORGE misunderstood, it’s a quirky, vintage beach cottage, it’s not supposed to be renovated,” Terry replied. “I couldn’t read the rest of what he said. . . no one made me a single complaint during their stay, I can’t believe how nice people are. He is not welcome.

But what really bothered Terry was when guest Ashley alleged there had been a cockroach problem during her stay at the cabin last April.

“Our stay had unexpected cockroaches (what they call palmettos). . . don’t get me wrong, the cottage is not dirty, but certainly not regularly cleaned from head to toe,” Ashley wrote. “I hope Terry can clean up the place and take care of this issue,” she added, inadvertently throwing down the gauntlet for a review feud.

“This person is delusional… That’s such a weird comment it’s a tropical place there are bugs everywhere even on the beach!” Terry exclaimed.

“She left the chalet dirty, it was disgusting and she is never welcome in any of my chalets. Very delusional and quite immature experience,” she added.

A Florida Airbnb host is tearing former guests to shreds online.
Even those who leave compliments with criticism feel Terry's anger.
Even those who leave compliments with criticism feel Terry’s anger.

Even polite mothers with young children were not immune to Terry’s wrath.

“Terry communicated right away before and during our stay,” Kasi, who rented the cottage in December 2020, complimented the host. “We enjoyed our stay. . . The place was a bit small but worked well since my 4 kids are smaller.

“Lots of extra cleaning and food all over the floor with four young children,” Terry replied, prompting comments from Miner for insulting the family.

Terry's petty ways have become an online phenomenon.
Terry’s petty ways have become an online phenomenon.
Terry banned a guest for suggesting the chalet needed updating.
Terry banned a guest for suggesting the chalet needed updating.

“So Terry is just b–ching about those four kids, you mean unsubstantiated?” the TikToker said, coining the phrase that “her name is Terry and she is a terry-ble Airbnb host.”

Terry did not respond to request for comment via Airbnb.

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