The Barbarian Moment director realized there was an unintentional joke about Stephen King in his film

As Barbaricthe teaser teases, the film begins with Georgina Campbell’s Tess trying to get into her Airbnb before learning that the house has been double-booked by a mysterious character played by Bill Skarsgård. For many horror fans, who know the actor well for portraying Pennywise in the recent THIS movies, there’s an instant instinct not to trust any character Skarsgård plays, especially if you put him in another movie of the genre. Without spoiling the ride Barbaricthere’s an unintentional Stephen King joke about Pennywise in the next horror movie.

CinemaBlend spoke to BarbaricWriter/director Zach Cregger on casting Bill Skarsgård at the pinnacle of horror film and whether it was intentional to poke fun at his iconic role as Pennywise a bit, especially at a time when his character tells Tess , he’s “not a monster. In my theater, horror fans certainly laughed at the line’s delivery. In the words of Cregger:

I actually didn’t think of it as a joke until the first time we played it in front of an audience and everyone laughed, I was like, “Oh yeah, I guess that’s is quite funny”. I mean, Bill was a perfect cast for it because he has such a history with audiences, horror audiences know him, you know, and they expect something from him. So as soon as he opens that door, everyone is like “Oh!!” You know? And that’s exactly what you want.

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