The best European destinations for Halloween in 2022

Spooky season has officially arrived, and in case you still haven’t picked a destination and want to travel this weekend, we’ve got you covered.

Although there are dozens of European cities ideal for spending Halloween, only listed a few, which were rated highest by visitors.

Halloween has become an annual holiday in Europe not to be missed. Below are some of the best places to spend Halloween in Europe.

Derry, Northern Ireland

Known as the Halloween capital of the world, Derry offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Derry’s long history, along with its famous walls, has made the city the most popular destination for Halloween.

From October 28-31, the walled city will come alive with ancient spirits inviting everyone to join in the awakening ahead of the final celebration on October 31.

A large Samhain gathering awaits everyone at the City of Darkness. This year, the Elders will return to the spirit worlds of Derry Halloween, each representing a different spirit of Samhain. The myths of Samhain will be intertwined throughout, connecting the city to the world beyond the walls.

Awakening’s main program, the Walled City, will take place in two areas: the City of Bones and the Forest of Shadows. Installations and illuminations await you in the City Bones. And oh, don’t forget to be aware of the paths lined with shape-shifting creatures as well as shadows that disguise whatever Queen Morrigan desires in the Forest of Shadows.

If you think that’s all Derry has to offer for Halloween, let me tell you, you’re totally wrong. After three long years, the famous Carnival Parade will finally return to Derry Halloween. The Carnival Parade will close the festival in thrilling fashion on October 31, as some of the best performers bring the history of the Ninth Wave to life.

The celebrations will culminate with the fireworks show, which is suitable for all ages. Pro tip: All eyes are on the River Foyle for an unforgettable experience.

Transylvania, Romania

The Romanian region of Transylvania, associated with Bram Stoker’s Dracula, is one of the destinations that anyone who loves to celebrate Halloween should visit.

Transylvania offers one of the most authentic experiences, where people, instead of decorating pumpkins and dressing up, have the chance to discover a dark past, hear different legends and celebrate in a magical setting.

Besides the legend of Dracula, the area is also well known for its villages that seem frozen in time and for its Halloween parties.

One of the best Halloween parties takes place at Dracula’s Castle, officially known as Bran Castle. The castle is located just outside Brasov in Romania and on the former eastern border of Transylvania. This year, the party is set to take place on October 29, so mark the date.

For those not so interested in partying, the area has several other activities to offer. From October 12 to October 16, 2022, the Dracula Film Festival will take place in Brasov, which will among other things host a zombie parade.

Also, if you love vampire stories and want to learn more about vampire stories, be sure to add Dracula’s birthplace, Sighisoara, to your list. While you are there, you can climb the clock tower and enjoy fantastic views of the city.

Prague, Czech Republic

Known for its Gothic style and exceptional architecture, the capital of the Czech Republic is a great place to spend your Halloween. As in previous years, again this year many events will take place in Prague, including carnivals, tricks, storytelling festivals, themed fairs and pumpkin carving workshops, among others.

As for attractions, the Old Jewish Cemetery, Charles Bridge and Torture Museum will remain among the best to visit this year also during Halloween.

For those who prefer to dress up, go out and party, different clubs in the city have already started organizing different events. Some popular clubs have scheduled various shows with fire eaters, professional dancers and more.

On October 30, a Halloween Walk will be taking place in the city, so if scaring others in Old Town is something you’d like, dress up and join in with a mass of costumed walkers.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Similar to the cities above, Amsterdam remains a very popular destination for celebrating Halloween. Like every year, again this year, on October 31, all the streets of the city will be filled with people in costume, ready for adventure.

While the cities above offer more crowd-focused experiences, Amsterdam is best known for its parties as well as touring.

Those wishing to learn more about the witches and monsters of Amsterdam can choose to take a ghost walking tour. During the tour, a professional storyteller accompanies you and makes sure to give an authentic experience.

There are also various exciting shows and events that take place in the city in the last days of October. In most cases, they feature professional dancers as well as special effects.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Even though Denmark doesn’t have a long tradition of Halloween, the city is still one of the most popular to visit in October.

Of all the places and events Copenhagen has to offer for Halloween, Tivoli Gardens is the one not to miss. The gardens are exceptionally open for Halloween.

Every year, Tivoli becomes the most enchanting place for Halloween, with enchanted gardens, special rides and many other activities.

One of the fascinating things that happens at Tivoli is the transformation of 20,000 pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns. In addition, Tivoli also turns into an open-air market.

Additionally, there is also a Monster’s Night Out, which is a lineup of spooky things, and in the evening there are plenty of places to spend an evening with great music and activities.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are plenty of other European destinations where you could have an unforgettable Halloween, and no matter which one you choose, you’ll have a great time, so treat yourself.

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