The best trips our editors took this year

In July, twelve friends and I met in Menorca, Spain. We had spent most of the year planning it all out: choosing a fair location for a group that included people living in places like Brazil and Berlin, working with varying budgets, and carefully considering which Airbnb options might be right for us. to all. enough bells and whistles to feel like a proper vacation spot. We had all lived in Madrid around the same time years earlier so Spain made sense, plus we wanted lots of beach and sun with minimal obligation to do other things. So we opted for Menorca, the quietest and chicest Balearic island that lacks the club scene of Ibiza and the cultural hotspots of Majorca. And my God, it was wonderful. We spread towels on various patches of sand and swam in the shallow electric blue calas of the island’s north coast. We cooked, drank and swam in our pool at all hours. Cocktail hour started early and dinner started late in historic towns like Ciudadella. One day we hired a boat to cruise around the place, sipping gin and champagne as we sailed, anchoring to dive off the deck into the water. It was a happy and well-deserved vacation for all of us. The best part was being with friends so close that I can’t see enough. Truth be told, we would have had a great time in Siberia too, but I don’t know if there could have been a more perfect backdrop for our times together. Let’s see if this opinion holds: at the last dinner, we promised ourselves to make the trip bi-annual. Our WhatsApp group is already an avalanche of messages about the summer of 2024. Right now, it looks like Mexico. —Erin Florio, Editor-in-Chief

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