The Chattanooga family chose to travel the world and live anywhere rent free on Airbnb

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – A family from Chattanooga was one of 300,000 applicants for the Live Anywhere program on Airbnb.

Imagine their surprise when told that they were one of the 12 families chosen to embark on an adventurous journey. I

“We were like-it’s an amazing opportunity. We are going to go. We weren’t expecting to be selected, but here we are, ”says Stephanie Hays.

Stephanie, her husband Peter and their 2 year old son are now packing their bags and preparing to embark on a 10 month trip to any AirBnB around the world.

“I love to travel. I met my husband Pete, when I lived in ShangHi, China, after college. He is from England. Together we have been to about 50 countries. went to about 60 on my own and it went to a few more, so if you add them up, it’s about 70, ”says Hays.

The family can set their own itinerary and stay at any airbnb location in the world without rent, as long as they stay there for one to three months.

“They give us a budget for the 10 months. They cover our homes for 10 months. There is also a travel allowance to help cover the cost of accessing these locations. In return, they want feedback from us on what it means to live long term in Airbnbs and if there are any improvements they could make, ”says Hays.

Stephanie is excited to show her young son the world, but has already realized that traveling the world during a pandemic will also have its challenges.

“We are both fully vaccinated and would encourage others to be, but obviously our 2 year old is not. We don’t want to go to places where there are quarantines, so we’re looking for places with decent vaccination rates, welcoming Americans and where we don’t have to quarantine, ”says Hays.

Due to ever-changing travel regulations, the family has yet to make a final decision on where they plan to travel.

But once they have started their journey, you can follow them just by clicking on the connect.

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