The funniest movie moments of the year

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If you read this, congratulations: you have succeeded until 2022.

It was a difficult year, to say the least, from the war in Europe and the weather disasters in Uvalde and inflation. Kanye went full Amon Goethwhile Johnny and Tory Stans has reached new depths of misogyny and celebrity worship. And our favorite online place to let off steam has been transformed into a grievance mill of a looted multi-billionaire.

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The cinema allowed us to escape and laugh. So with all due respect to Jennifer “These gays…they’re trying to murder me!” Coolidgeit was the cinematic moments of the year that made us lose our shit.

Body Body Body“Your parents are upper middle class…middle.”

Rachel Sennott has proven her escape Baby Shiva was no accident with one of the most hilarious movie performances of the year as Alice, a “woke” white girl who brings random guys she meets on dating apps for getaways weekend with his buddies and hosts a podcast that his friends hate -Listen. Every line delivery by Sennott is pure genius – especially when her nemesis Jordan (Myha’la Herrold) confronts Alice about her lame pod, and she tries to turn the tables as best she can:

Alice“Your parents are upper middle class…middle.”
Jordan: “No they are not.”
Alice: “Jordan… they are. They teach at a university “.
Jordan: “It’s… public.”

Barbaric: “Oh man…”

Underrated Scream King Justin Long Has Never Been Better Than He Is as AJ Gilbride, a conceited sitcom actor who was embroiled in a #MeToo scandal. He also runs an Airbnb in a sleazy neighborhood on the outskirts of Detroit, and after discovering a bloodstained dungeon below, does the unthinkable: thoughtlessly pulls out a tape measure to assess his pad’s new square footage so that he can charge tenants more.

Avatar: The Way of the Water: “It’s too painful…”

Lo'ak and Payakan in Avatar: The Way of the Water

Lo’ak and Payakan in Avatar: The Way of the Water

Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain a clip of this scene – although as all the things Avatar, it’s not worth watching at home anyway. Lo’ak, the rebellious second son of Na’vi warriors Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), bonds with Payakan, a tulkun (whale-like creature with spiritual powers) that has been hunted. When Lo’ak asks Payakan why he is tulkun non grata, the animal replies, “It’s too painful. Yes, tulkuns can talk! And reader, I burst out laughing.

The unbearable weight of massive talent:Paddington 2 It’s incredible.”

I’m even more than a little surprised that you like it meta-comedy featuring Nicholas Cage as itself didn’t do better box office numbers (blame the marketing). Much of his success is down to the chemistry between Cage and Pedro Pascal‘s Javi, an ultra-rich crime lord (and Cage superfan) who pays $1 million for Cage to make an appearance at his birthday party. The two eventually bond over their shared love for, well, Nic Cage, leading him to ask Javi what his third favorite movie of all time is. When he tells her it’s Paddington 2, Cage – a movie snob – yells “WHAT?!” Then he sees it for himself.

RRR: “Naatu Naatu”

Set in the 1920s, this Indian historical epic of SS Rajamouli conquered the odds of becoming the action hit of the year. It centers on a Gond tribal chief (NT Rama Rao Jr.) and an Imperial Indian Police officer (Ram Charan) who form an unlikely friendship. When the duo are mocked by hoity-toity British revelers at a party for not knowing any Western moves, they break out into the “naatu” dance. The crowd is speechless, and so are we.

The menu: “I’m sorry. You are dying.

Ralph Fiennes in

Filmmaker Mark Mylod is no stranger to satirizing the eaters of the rich, having directed more episodes of Succession than anyone else, and this dark comedy about a celebrity chef named Julian Slowik (Ralph Fiennes) who invites a group of wealthy narcissists to a restaurant on a remote island – only to torture them – is one hell of a time. . When Felicity (Aimee Carrero), the assistant/girlfriend of a sold-out actor (John Leguizamo), wonders why she’s there, Fiennes’ Slowik reads some dirt to her:

Julian: “What school did you go to?”
Congratulations: “Brown.”
Julian: “Student loans?”
Congratulations: “Nope.”
Julian“I’m sorry. You’re dying.

Elvis: ” He is white ? »

Everything on tom hank‘ performance as Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley’s crummy manager, in Elvis is a puzzle, prosthetic noise and fat suit to that weird Dutch accent (I think?). But the moment he finds out that Elvis isn’t black, inexplicably dipping into a Southern drawl to utter the line “He’s white?!” you will have stitches.

The Banshees of Inisherin: “If it’s the same bread wagon, I’ll kill them!” »

Colin Farrell and his little donkey in 'The Banshees of Inisherin'

The team of In Brugge – filmmaker Martin McDonagh and stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson – reunited for this dark comedy about a pair of lifelong friends on an Irish island in 1923 who engage in a battle of wits when one of them , Colm (Gleeson), dumps dopey Padraic (Farrell) so he can devote his twilight years to composing music. In retaliation, Padraic tells Colm’s musical protege, Declan, that he has just received a telegram from his aunt saying he has to go home to Lisdoonvarna because his father has been hit by a bread van and is on the road. point of dying. Declan is beside himself:

Declan: “It’s impossible.”
padraic“It’s not impossible. Bread vans crash into people all the time.
Declan: “I know! That’s how my mom died… If it’s the same bread van, I’ll kill them!

Take revenge: “I DON’T DO COCAINE!” »

who knew Sophie Turner (aka Sansa Stark) had such comedic chops? As far as online deliveries go, it doesn’t get much better than Turner’s reaction when security guards catch him with cocaine – which was planted by his nemesis, Drea (Camila Mendes). Also, do yourself a favor and check Revengea deliciously cheeky love letter to 90s teen movies.

Donkey Always: “Welcome to Hell.”

The hardest time I’ve laughed at the cinema this year was at a screening of Fooled forever. And the funniest sequence in the film involved a prank where director Jeff Tremaine and the star Johnny Knoxville convince the rest of the guys that they’re trapped in a room with a poisonous rattlesnake – with the lights off. As we see the guys freaking out one by one, the camera catches Chris Pontius doing the Thesilenceofthelambs-Buffalo Bill dances with his penis between his legs. Hello everyone Johnny Knoxville, American hero.

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