The future of short-term rental monitoring: challenges and opportunities

As short-term rentals embrace more and more technology, the amount of disparate dashboards and systems quickly becomes cumbersome and expensive. That’s why, in today’s market, connecting systems is a necessity, not a luxury.

The Challenge: Too Many Systems

While the sheer number of OTAs, PMSs, smart locks, and other smart technologies can be challenging for operators, it also poses a challenge for tech companies themselves. Since it’s impossible to connect to every existing system, teams have to make tough choices. Especially since integrations can take time to negotiate, build, and field test.

The Opportunity: Seamless Monitoring Through Integrations

Having the right integration partners can give a technology company a huge competitive advantage and make the product itself more efficient. In terms of monitoring short-term rentals in particular, integrations can help troubleshoot issues and improve the customer experience.

Minut’s integration with Airbnb, for example, allows Minut to contact guests via Airbnb messages when it detects noise. This solves most noise issues without even needing to involve the host!

Minut also integrates with smart locks, air conditioning providers, Zapier and over 20 property management systems, connecting major players from all areas of the industry. With the next generation of the sensor to come, all these integrations will also be available externally.

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