The gay travel guide to Lima

Lima is the capital of Peru in Latin America, a city of about 9 million people. That’s statistically almost a million gay boys waiting to meet you.

The majority of gay life in Lima takes place in Miraflores, which comes alive on the weekends. A typical evening starts at the Lola Bar around 11 p.m., before moving to Valetodo at 1 a.m., then late-night revelers head to Legendaris from 3 a.m.

This gay guide to Lima was written by gay couple Stefan and Sébastien who spent several months traveling in Peru.

Gay Bars & Clubs in Lima

Miraflores and Barranco are the main tourist areas in Lima, home to the best restaurants and the majority of Lima’s gay scene.

1. Lola Bar

Bottles of Coke at Lola Bar

Lola is Lima’s popular gay bar where most start the night around 11pm. It then becomes a place of dance after midnight. Look for the cool Coca-Cola display at Lola Bar, which makes for a great Instagram pic.

2. The city center of Valetodo

An angel in Valetodo
An angel in Valetodo

Valetodo is our favorite gay club in Lima. The night starts with some really fun drag shows and then turns into the ultimate city party spread over two dance floors – one featuring Latin pop, the other techno house. Another Instagram opportunity here: look for the giant angel wings.

3. Legendaris Legendaris

Legendary is the late night venue for afters.

It starts around 3 a.m. and they have different themed parties like Stripper Night or Leather Night all complemented by drag shows.

4. La Jarrita

La Jarrita is a gay bar in downtown Lima popular with gay Peruvian military boys.

It opens from 5 p.m. Thursday to Sunday and becomes a dance hall from midnight to 4 a.m.

5. Bar Picas

Carlos Bruce at Picas Bar
Carlos Bruce – owner of Picas Bar

Picas is a mixed gay-friendly bar in the Barranco district located under the romantic wooden Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs).

It is owned by Congressman Carlos Bruce who came out in May 2014 and was the first openly gay member of Congress in Peru.

Gay-friendly Hotels in Lima

Most will be based in Miraflores or Barranco for proximity to gay nightlife and Lima’s best restaurants. These are the places we have tried, loved and welcomed as a gay couple.

Budget: Airbnb

Even more Pisco sours in Lima
Even more Pisco sours in Lima

Lima is an expensive city, so it may be worth considering booking an apartment on Airbnb.
There are a lot of apartments for rent in Miraflores and Barranco, but being touristy, they can also be expensive.

For more cost-effective options, check out the Jesus Maria and San Isidro neighborhoods – they’re both safe and a short cab ride from Miraflores or downtown Lima.

If this is your first time using Airbnb, you can use our coupon to claim £ 31 / $ 40 off your booking and save more.

Shop: BTH Hotel

The BTH hotel in Lima
The BTH hotel in Lima

BTH Hotel is a very cool and trendy boutique hotel in the San Borja district, near Miraflores.

Everything, from the decoration to the staff, makes you want to dress in your best clothes and spend hours packed. He even has his own hair salon on site! Rooms at BTH start from $ 137 / £ 110.

Mid-range: Hotel Libertador

Our room at the Libertador hotel
Our room at the Libertador hotel

Liberator is a 4 star hotel based in the San Isidro area, safe and close to the airport, making it a convenient base in Lima.

We had a large room with a king size bed (and very comfortable). Rooms at the Libertador Hotel start from $ 150 / £ 120.

Luxury: JW Marriott Hotel

The Marriott hotel in Lima
The Marriott hotel in Lima

The Marriott is one of the best luxury hotels in Lima. It is located in the heart of Miraflores, a short walk from gay bars and the Barranco district.

It’s also right by the seafront, so you wake up to a pretty sea view. Rooms at the JW Marriott start from $ 310 / £ 250.

Taste a ceviche and a pisco sour
Taste a ceviche and a pisco sour

For more information on what to do in Lima, check out the gay guide to the Nomadic Boys in Lima – and uses their gay friendly travel itinerary in Peru to help you plan your vacation.

Aaron Stef's mom - the ceviche chef
Aaron Stef’s mom – the ceviche chef

Stefan and Sébastien are a gay couple who left London in 2014 and have traveled the world together ever since.

They are currently on a great adventure around Latin America and you can follow them on their Nomadic Boys gay travel blog.

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