The government’s report on the governance of the BCP Council will be published

A REPORT on the review of the governance and financial arrangements of the BCP Council will be made available to the public.

The government provided confirmation to Christchurch MP Sir Christopher Chope.

Tory backbencher Sir Christopher has asked Leveling Secretary Michael Gove when the council’s external assurance review will take place, who will conduct the review and whether MPs will be able to give evidence.

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MP Lee Rowley, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, said the department was continuing to make progress on the necessary arrangements.

Mr Rowley said: “BCP’s external assurance review will be led by an industry expert and, although the review will not be conducted through public hearings, the assessor will interview key leaders and members, will review relevant documentation and consider any representation from other sources (which they deem necessary) – I await and will direct the assessor to contact parliamentarians as part of this process.

“The final report will be publicly available and posted on”

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The planned review was first revealed as a condition of the government’s funding move for the BCP Board to borrow up to £20m to plug a hole in this year’s transformation budget .

Council leaders are now looking to sell “non-strategic assets” by the end of March, with borrowing seen as a back-up option.

The government has indicated that the insurance review will take place even if the board does not move forward with the funding direction.

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