The Madeira Flower Festival is the spring event worth seeing

Why you must see the Madeira Flower FestivalNurPhoto – Getty Images

The Portuguese Madeira Island is often referred to as the floating garden of the Atlantic, and for good reason. This beautiful island in the North Atlantic Ocean is an absolute paradise for anyone who loves flowers.


Thanks to its rich volcanic soil, a wonderful array of brightly colored flowers bloom here throughout the year. But there’s no better time to visit than in late spring, when the Madeira Flower Festival takes place.

During the island’s enchanting festival, everything in Madeira revolves around flowers, and the pretty streets of the island’s capital, Funchal, are filled with the color and scent of flower floats. Parades and performances take place daily as locals celebrate the beauty of the island in bloom.

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This year, Good Housekeeping is offering you the chance to join our eight day trip to coincide with this delicious holiday in May, so you can make the most of this incredible floral spectacle.

You’ll have a grandstand seat for the Allegorical Parade of Flowers, one of the highlights of the festival, and see floats make their way through the streets of downtown Funchal as live music and fragrant scents fill the air.

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If you choose to visit Madeira during the Flower Festival, you’ll also want to make sure you visit the island’s many gardens. You can spend a day strolling through the beautiful Botanical Gardens, Palheiro Gardens or Monte Palace Gardens where you can see flowers from all corners of the globe.

What are the main events of the Madeira Flower Festival?

The main event of the festival is the Allegorical Parade of Flowers, when the streets of Funchal fill with music, colors and floral scents, as an incredible parade of floats accompanied by dancers and musicians dressed in creative and colorful costumes pass.


madeira flower festival

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Another highlight is the Wall of Hope ceremony, a tradition that has been taking place in Madeira for over 40 years. During this ceremony, children walk with flowers in their hands towards Praça do Municipio where they build a wall of flowers known as the “Wall of Hope” to represent the call for peace in the world. .

Many smaller events also take place during the festival, including flower concerts where you can listen to live music amid the flora, and markets where you can buy your own plants and taste regional dishes.

What are the dates of the Madeira Flower Festival?

The Madeira Flower Festival takes place on the island every spring, in April or May, when the flowers are in full bloom. In 2023, it will take place between April 27 and May 21.

Where does the Madeira Flower Festival take place?

Although the whole island celebrates the beauty of flowers, the main events of the festival take place in the island’s capital, Funchal. The flower show takes place in the city center of Funchal, more precisely in Praça do Povo.

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