The most artistic Airbnbs to bookmark for future trips

Nearly a year into a global pandemic, the concept of not-so-distant travel is starting to look more and more like a possibility. Given continued success with slowing case numbers and vaccine distribution, not to mention improved safety measures in many parts of the world, travelers may be feeling a bit more optimistic about planning for potential trips. And if these are creative hiding places that would be best suited for your next excursion, some of the the most artistic Airbnbs worth considering for the atmosphere alone.

Based on the recently released novel great host by Kate Russo, which is based on an artist who falls into financial difficulty and is forced to rent out her west London home, Airbnb worked with the author (who is also an artist herself) to find some some of the site’s most artistic rentals for anyone looking to be immersed in a space filled with aesthetic wonders, both inside and out. “Carefully designed with just the right amount of personal touch, this is how I imagined the house that [main character Bennett] rents to support his passion,” says Russo. “All of these announcements share Bennett’s love for design, originality and comfort.

From Budapest to Sacramento, the seven Airbnb rentals selected by the author will make you feel like you’re staying in a gallery or an art museum. So if your spirit of adventure calls for future holidays that inspire your own work of art, these places are absolutely worth adding to your wishlist ASAP.

We only recommend places we love and think you will too. We may receive a portion of sales from bookings made from this article, which was written by our editorial team.

Most artistic Airbnbs: Budpest, Hungary

In the heart of Budapest’s trendiest neighborhood (near the famous and equally artsy New York Cafe), this apartment features mid-century furnishings with colorful wallpaper and illustrations that are sure to spark some creativity. Rates start at $106 per night and you can book here.

Most artistic Airbnbs: Guanajuato, Mexico

Guanajuato, a former mining town in central Mexico, provides an idyllic backdrop for this brightly colored rental featuring a lush patio and plenty of artwork. Rates start at $96 per night and you can book here.

Most Artistic Airbnbs: Chicago, Illinois

Flooded with natural light and boasting a rotating art collection (it literally doubles as a gallery), this three-bedroom penthouse is so cool and creative it’s been featured in Architectural summary. Rates start at $140 per night and you can book here.

Most artistic Airbnbs: Sacramento, California

If you don’t mind a smaller space (200 square feet, to be exact), this newly built tiny house more than makes up for it with creativity. But if you want to go out there is also a mini patio and the house itself is located in a busy part of town with lots of cool cafes and shops. Rates start at $85 per night and you can book here.

The most artistic Airbnbs: New Orleans, Louisiana

Let the good times roll in this stylish NOLA home that features an impressive gallery wall (it might even give you the inspiration to make your own) plus funky furniture, a bar to whip up Sazeracs and Hurricanes, and plenty of outdoor space. Rates start at $296 per night and you can book here

Most Artistic Airbnbs: Rome, Italy

For added splurge, this five-bedroom apartment makes for a decadent stay when traveling to Rome with a group of friends or family members. The Palazzo Berardi has four levels including a winter garden and terrace and it is full of historic charm not to mention close proximity to so many incredible art institutions. Rates start at $1,331 per night and you can book here.

Most artistic Airbnbs: Woodstock, New York

Set in a wooded area of ​​Woodstock that features lots of cedar and birch trees, a pond, and a private waterfall near a public preserve, this painter’s estate was designed with modern architecture and tons of windows so you can also enjoy fresh air from the comfort of your contemporary and creative accommodation. Rates start at $489 per night and you can book here.

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