the new visitor center and information points at buda castle in hungary

the new visitor center and information points at buda castle are perfect mirrors for selfies

hello wood and architectural studio BLOKK have recently completed the new visitor center and information points in the historic buda castle district in Hungary. designed as fully reflective and near-perfect cubes, the structures blend seamlessly into their surroundings reflecting a clear image, making them perfect spots for passers-by to take a selfie.

the use of mirrored surfaces also comes from the client’s request to maintain the cultural quality of the district. in other words, the architects were commissioned to expand the historic quarter of the city with contemporary buildings that did not break the existing architectural harmony; and what better way to respect the neighborhood than by reflecting it literally?

the new visitor center | images © tamás bata, zsuzsa darab, máté lakos

a playful contrast: mirrored exteriors enhanced by interiors in warm tones

The 30m² visitor center sits in the center of the district, right next to Buda Castle, featuring a design that adapts and responds to its context. indeed, the pavilion was crowned with a tapered and entirely reflective roof, characteristic of the neighboring buildings and serving as a modern nod to the heritage site. the information points, on the other hand, function as both information desks and souvenir shops spread over three different sites.

But that’s not all; a playful contrast between exterior and interior makes the welcome center and information points even more intriguing. the cool feel of the mirror-like facade is paired with a bright, warm interior defined by natural-colored pine plywood cladding. in addition, a skylight at the top of the reception center ensures a generous influx of natural light while emphasizing the monolithic aspect of the building.

buda castle visitor center and information points
no visible handle when the doors are closed, giving the cubes a playful + chameleon quality

to facilitate transportation and on-site assembly, all structures were constructed from four steel-framed modules lifted into place by crane. the pavilions were first conceptualized by the architect studio BLOKK (see more here), then implemented by hello wood (see works here).

buda castle visitor center and information points
all information points function as information desks and gift shops

these reflective kiosks in budapest blend seamlessly into their historic surroundings
each pavilion serves as a great place to take a selfie

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