The Pret Index: How sandwich sales can tell us more about changing work habits in Europe

By Kirstie McDermott

Before March 2020, large numbers of workers traveled to city centers every weekday, heading to their jobs in finance, professional services and technology.

There are around 550,000 workers in the finance-dominated sector City of London alone – or in the famous “Square Mile” – which equates to one in 56 workers in Britain.

Similarly, in the business district of Paris La Defense, 180,000 employees work in approximately 500 companies in an area that extends over more than 560 hectares, or 3.84 million m². offices and coworking spaces.

Every lunchtime, streams of these workers go out in search of food, and many of them end up in a Pret A Manger sandwich shop for a hummus salad wrap or a crispy egg salad.

The Ready Index

Founded in the UK in 1983, Pret is now an international franchise chain with operations around the world. Many of its stores are, in particular, located in financial and business districts thanks to its “follow the skyscraper” business model.

This fact came in rather handy as the pandemic began to subside, and the Loan Index was created by Bloomberg specifically because the channel is synonymous with the office lunch hour.

He started by tracking Pret’s weekly transactions against pre-pandemic levels, and he came up with some interesting findings.

Until July 14, London City and Canary Wharf accounted for 83% of their pre-COVID-19 transactions, down from a peak of 89% in May.

This agrees with Data from TFL, which revealed in February that since the lifting of restrictions on working from home on January 19, the number of people using the metro on weekdays has increased by at least 25%.

Additionally, TFL said in February that ridership was consistently around 60% of pre-pandemic levels during the week.

Stations close to financial institutions such as Canary Wharf, Mansion House and Aldgate also saw double the number of riders between 8am and 9am compared to those noted when the restrictions were in place.

people travel more

At the city’s airports, sales are also skyrocketing, which is a measure of both tourism and business travel.

Levels at Luton, Heathrow, Gatwick and City airports are 140% higher than pre-pandemic levels, in a trend that Pret said surprised him the most.

Sales are also up at stations, which exceeded pre-pandemic levels for the first time in April, and in July were at 101% of pre-Covid levels.

In Paris, where sales from more than 30 stores were monitored, activity returned to near-normal levels in the spring and summer of 2021, with the exception of August. However, this is when residents spend less time in the city.

This year, the channel noted that transactions had steadily increased and by mid-July 2022 were hovering around 81% of the pre-pandemic base, very close to normal.

Less telework in France

While most European countries, especially those with the highest GDPs, have enthusiastically embraced remote and hybrid working, France has not done so to the same extent.

A study for the French think tank Jean-Jaures Foundation of January 2022 revealed that only 29% of French workers say they work remotely “at least once a week”.

Compare that to 51% of Germans, or 42% of workers in the UK, and it’s a stark difference. In Spain the figure is 36 per cent and in Italy it reaches up to 50 per cent of workers.

And French workers who work remotely do so less than their European neighbors too. In Italy, 30% of workers said they worked remotely four to five days a week and 17% said they worked remotely for two to three days.

However, in France, these figures are 11% and 14% respectively. That’s a lot of time spent in offices – and going for a lunchtime sandwich.

The result is that in Paris and London – if Pret’s transactions are to be believed – the labor economies of both cities are recovering.

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