The “sacred” place where Vargas Llosa forgets Isabel Preysler and reflects on his “pichula”

Who would have imagined that this December 28, the day of the Holy Innocents, and after months of media hype about the loves of Tamara Falcowe were going to find a real bomb: the declarations of his mother, Isabelle Preyslerannouncing the end of his relationship with Mario Vargas Llosa.

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At the moment, the queen of hearts is on vacation in Miami, while the Nobel Prize for Literature braves the storm in the center of Madrid, in the apartment in the capital where he lived with his ex-wife (and cousin), Patriciaand his sons.

The Peruvian penthouse is located a few meters from the Royal Palace, it has 283 square meters and a terrace up to 30 meters. The apartment is located in a building in which other houses are also rented out on Airbnb. He already left and entered this residence regularly in the middle of the year, when a possible distance between the socialite and the author of The city and the dogs.

At the time, they denied a crisis that has now definitely broken out. It was even said that he frequently visited the apartment to escape to his precious library, his most sacred place.

The relationship between Julio Iglesias’ ex and the writer has come to an end after almost eight years together. “Mario and I have decided to end our relationship definitively,” Isabel revealed this Wednesday in her friend’s magazine. Inside, the weekly evoked a scene of unfounded jealousy that had taken place a little over a week ago. Apparently, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

After Isabel’s version, the version from Vargas Llosa’s own environment is also known. In The country They assured that the different lifestyles of the two were the trigger for the most media break of the year. Moreover, they assured that they had already felt it from history The windsthat the intellectual published in Letras Libres in 2021. It is not lost.

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“Every night, it seems unbelievable, since I committed the madness of abandoning my wife, I think of her and remorse assails me. I think I have only made one mistake in life: leaving Carmencita for a woman who was not worth it (…) Every night I think of her and I ask her forgiveness. It must be remembered that his relationship with Preysler began after he left Patricia. The queen of hearts, in more, became the widow of former minister Miguel Boyer shortly before. “It was a crush for the pichula, not for the heart. From this pichula that no longer serves me anything except to pee,” added the Nobel Prize winner in his story, which now makes more sense than ever.

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