The winner of the Airbnb contest spends Halloween night in the catacombs of Paris

Brazilian Pedro Arruda had an unforgettable accommodation experience over the weekend as the lucky winner of a Halloween contest sponsored by roommate company Airbnb. The price? A pajama party in the famous catacombs of Paris, a labyrinth of underground tombs that house the remains of around 6 million people.

After submitting an essay explaining why he was brave enough to spend the night 65 feet underground, the 27-year-old and a guest were rewarded a double bed in a candlelit stone bedroom, plus a dinner, violin concert and storyteller to get them into the Halloween spirit.

Arruda, who calls himself a “history nerd,” took his mother with him.

Authorities in Paris began transferring bodies to the catacombs – dubbed “the world’s largest tomb” – in the late 18th and mid-19th centuries after public cemeteries were closed due to health concerns.

Visitors to Paris can tour the catacombs, which include more than 200 miles of tunnels and crypts, and discover “a painting of death with bones arranged in a macabre display of high romantic taste,” which didn’t seem to worry Arruda.

“I would be much more afraid if they were alive,” Arruda told The Associated Press.

Airbnb reportedly paid Paris City Hall around $ 331,000 for access to the catacombs on Halloween night.

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