There’s a Mean Girls-themed Airbnb available, and it’s so cool

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This is a to-do list item for the Mean Girls friend in your life.

The mid-2000s film starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried is one of the most iconic films of the decade, which is still cited today.

Fans of the movie can now stay at an Airbnb dedicated to one of the most popular girl movies.

Described as a perfect location for bachelorette parties, the four-bedroom house in Nashville is definitely “one of a kind”.

The house can accommodate up to twelve people and each room has its own theme, including a room dedicated solely to Mean Girls.

The pink bedroom is decorated with Bach Book above the bed (a nod to the Burn Book in the film) with stenciled kiss marks also adorning the wall.

The plush bed, draped red curtains, and vanity mirror resemble Regina George’s iconic bedroom and have the quirky touch of a framed photo of romantic comedy heartthrob Aaron Samuels on the bedside locker.

The other three bedrooms are also inspired by another iconic teen romantic comedy, Clueless.

A “As If” poster hangs on the wall with curtains in Cher’s signature yellow.

As the Airbnb is located in Nashville, we wink at country music with a room dedicated to Dolly Parton whose DC disks decorate the wall.

The kitchen also has a girly theme, inspired by the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, with walls painted in Tiffany’s signature duck egg blue, framed Holly Golightly posters from the movie, and even Tiffany & Co boxes littering the room.

Although at this time travel to Nashville is on hold, this accommodation is something to consider when you can travel to the United States again.

You can get more information and see all the photos of the property on Airbnb here.

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