Swimply makes its way to the Ozarks; the application allows users to rent their swimming pools

MARSHFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – They say there’s an app for everything, but what about an app that helps you find a local getaway with a pool. That’s what To swim is.

“I heard about it one day on the radio. I thought it was interesting, I did a little investigation and thought it would be good for us, ”said Swimply host Tregg Geren.

It’s been a week since Geren, a resident of Marshfield, signed up to be a Swimply host.

“Our objective is to offset part of the maintenance costs of the swimming pool. If we can offset the cost of that, then that’s even better, ”said Geren.

Swimply is basically like Airbnb, but for swimming pools. Guests can rent their swimming pools and other equipment.

Geren said becoming a host was easy.

“You simply answer questions about your swimming pool, about the surroundings. They give recommendations on how much you should charge and what rules you should have. The app contains all available rules and pre-defined rules in the system that apply to all guests. It makes it easier for us, ”said Geren.

The app was created in 2018 and the founder even pitched the idea of ​​renting a swimming pool on the Shark Tank TV show. While he didn’t land the deal, the app has fans waiting to cash in.

“I hope something will happen for us and that we will get some use out of it,” Geren lamented.

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