These are the most sought-after Airbnbs for spring travel

Spring fever is about to set in and wanderlust levels are rising. As eager travelers begin to plan their trips, a recent Airbnb survey found an increase in bookings and wishlists across the globe.

Their research shows that cross-border travel is on the rise, as is family travel, and adventurers continue to pack for a nomadic lifestyle following the “Live Anywhere” trend. But a common theme for all types of travelers who choose Airbnb is the desire for unique settings and unique experiences.

Who wants to sleep all night hanging from a cliff? Apparently a lot of people do. live like a hobbit is also popular. Travelers and nomads are increasingly looking for experiences rather than just a place to stay. Example: Some of the most booked and sought after Airbnbs for the coming year include a A-Frame cabin with stunning views of Mount ZionAnd one artistic house with a 30 foot swing inside. Other top stays include RVs, Cozy Mud Houses, and Tiny Houses.

So, without further ado, here are the top ten Airbnbs that are popping up the most on travelers’ wish lists for this coming spring. Which one are you going to book?

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