These are the top 5 destinations expected to gain popularity for 2023

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As we say goodbye to what has been a historic year for international travel, AirBnB went ahead and unveiled top 5 destinations expected to gain popularity in 2023. Now that restrictions have been lifted across most of the world, it should come as no surprise that lockdown-wary travelers have these gorgeous sunny spots close to heart.

These are the top 5 destinations expected to gain popularity for 2023

In total, 142 countries now welcome foreigners regardless of their vaccination status and without any other condition than the possession of a valid passport. It’s the closest to normal in nearly three years, and after living through the most draconian measures, Americans surely aren’t taking this newfound freedom for granted.

Interestingly, the top five trendiest cities on the popular home rental website are fully open to tourism and enjoy warm weather all year round:

Female tourist with short blonde hair wearing a blue blouse seen from behind as she admires central Malaga from a vantage point, Andalusia, Spain

5. Bangkok, Thailand

After reaching the top of the list in 2022, the Thai capital emerges as the fifth most searched city on AirBnB as the new year approaches. Thailand is the only Southeast Asian (SEA) country to make the top five in 2023, proving it remains a sought-after vacation spot, despite the latest viral rebound.

In fact, 57.4% of Americans say they are more likely visit Thailand than anywhere else in SEA in the future, citing its attractive prices, laid-back atmosphere and cultural richness as deciding factors. Bangkok is particularly popular for its impressive collection of Buddhist temples, majestic oriental architecture and bustling street life.

Tourist couple riding on elephant with view of Wat Phra Kaew temple during sunset in Bangkok, Thailand, Southeast Asia

4. Auckland, New Zealand

After isolating itself from the rest of the world for most of the health crisis, New Zealand has finally abandoned all social brakes in September 2022, welcoming Americans regardless of their vaccination status and without testing or quarantine. The move resulted in a unprecedented increase in demand and urged airlines to resume flights which had been suspended for months.

Home to a well-connected international airport and a vibrant metropolitan hub with easy access to the coast, Auckland has been at the forefront of New Zealand’s tourism revival. The proof is in the numbers: after ranking 9th the previous year, he now climbs to fourth position on AirBnB’s travel trend charts.

Busy thoroughfare in Auckland, New Zealand

3. Melbourne, Australia

Australia’s second largest city and youth capital, Melbourne’s charm lies in its streets filled with arta museum-filled Southbank district, home to all the top-rated complexes, including the National Gallery of Victoria, and vast green spaces to escape the buzzing crowds.

Additionally, Melbourne serves as gateway to Victoria’s beautiful coastlinesynonymous with Aboriginal reservations, scenic oceanside roads, charming fishing villages easily recognizable for their seafood markets and well-preserved historic centres, and golden sandy beaches where a variety of sports are practised, from beach soccer to surfing.

Tram at Flinders, Melbourne, Australia

2. Sydney, Australia

It seems that Australia has reached a new height of popularity following its Reopening July 2022: After Melbourne, AirBnB has ranked Sydney as the second most popular travel destination for 2023. The most populous city in Down Under and the capital of the state of New South Wales, it is home to some truly iconic siteswith the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge to name a few.

Strolling through downtown Sydney, visitors will be mesmerized by skyscraper-lined boulevards, lush urban parks, colonial-era landmarks dating back to the 19th century, and bustling street markets. Sun-seekers will also be delighted: from the town hall, they can board a train to the iconic Bondi Beachfamous for its surf scene and bright blue ocean.

The Sydney Opera House at sunset reflected on the side of a glass building in Sydney, Australia

1. Malaga, Spain

Jumping from its previous number three peak, Malaga, an Andalusian gem straddling the Mediterranean coast, is the number one destination for 2023. It seems nothing can beat an early evening stroll along the seafront in southern Spain, tint of verano in hand, to the gentle crash of the waves and with a medieval castle in sight.

Malaga also offers a surprising mix of ancient and modern monuments, with Roman-era ruins built as early as the 5th century BC, Arab fortifications, luxurious resorts, water parks and leisure centers for a unique cityscape. . It is quite simply the perfect summer getaway for history lovers and beach lovers.

Ancient Roman theater in Malaga, an ancient historic city on the Mediterranean coast of Andalusia, Spain

Where else are travelers headed in 2023?

the widened Top 10 of the hottest destinations for 2023 (according to AirBnB), can be seen below:

  1. Malaga, Spain
  2. Sydney, Australia
  3. Melbourne, Australia
  4. Auckland, New Zealand
  5. Bangkok, Thailand
  6. Queenstown, New Zealand
  7. Florianopolis, Brazil
  8. Porto Seguro, Brazil
  9. Perth, Australia
  10. Salvador, Brazil
Historic pastel colored colonial buildings in the Pelourinho district of Salvador, Bahia, on the northeast coast of Brazil, Latin America

Data is based on research conducted throughout 2022 for future check-ins 2023.

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