These unique Airbnbs in Alberta are among the most sought-after stays in Canada

Vacation season has arrived and with sun, fun and self-care in the very near future, the only question remains: where the hell are you going?

Chances are you’ve already set your sights on a one-of-a-kind stay and we’d bet it’s a yurt, domed house or cabin. in the trees. How do we know that? Well, according to Airbnb, these unique homes are the hottest destinations in the country right now and two favorites are located in Alberta!

In a Press release sent out earlier today, Airbnb shared that more distinctive rentals are up 70% from 2019 — and we get it. Staying in a special place can take an experience from good to great!

“In the spirit of wanderlust, Airbnb helps inspire the imagination, fill social feeds, and give travelers much-needed rest and relaxation,” they wrote.

“Comfortable Cob Cottage on Vancouver Island and a mongolian yurt in the heart of the Yukon… Canada is full of creative, fascinating, unique and popular stays on Airbnb, tailor-made for every traveler’s dream vacation.

Curious to know what got an honorable mention on the Prairies? These are the two most sought-after unique Airbnb stays in Alberta.

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Photo via Airbnb

Oh simple life! Located on Jumping Pound Creek in Cochrane, this private cottage is tiny – but will make you feel comfortable. Here, guests can take a nap or read a book on the porch swing, snuggle up by the fire, or reconnect with nature or their partner.

Or: Cochrane, Alta.


Photo via @refuge_bay/Instgram | Airbnb

Among the trees and under a bed of stars, this quiet escape is as off-the-grid (and dreamy) as it gets. With enough room for two to comfortably sleep, eat, and relax, the luxurious glamping site also gives guests access to a private sauna, hiking trails, and plenty of fresh Alberta air.

Or: Cherhill, AB

Want to check them out? Well, those bad boys are pretty comprehensive, but we’ve compiled our own list of unique Airbnb stays in Alberta, which you can check out here.

Alternatively, if you would like to see the full list, you can do so here! You won’t believe what you can find in the far north.

Enjoy and travel safely!

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