This $18 footrest is a ‘lifesaver’ for long-haul flights

Amazon shoppers say this floating footrest is a ‘godsend’ for night flights. (Photo via Getty)

Although it is often said that the joy is in the journey, not the destination, we don’t think that applies to the airline journey.

For many, air travel, especially long-haul flights, is something to be endured rather than enjoyed, especially if you’re flying economy class.

However, a group of wise Amazon shoppers may have discovered a new life hack to make overnight trips bearable – an $18 floating footstool.

feet sitting in a black airplane footstool (Photo via Amazon)

Airplane footrest (Photo via Amazon)

$18 at Amazon

Why it’s trending

In our opinion, this airplane footrest is one of those products that makes you wonder, “why hasn’t this been done before?”

To use it, simply hook its straps to the support of your open or closed tray and put your feet in them until they are taut and slightly suspended.

The footrest is small enough not to weigh down your handbag and can be used anywhere you need a little legroom, including a train, bus or plane.

If you’re worried about durability, don’t be. The sturdy airplane footrest has a lock to reinforce the strap and can be adjusted to fit your height.

what people say

The versatile footrest has been dubbed a “lifesaver” by shoppers and has received accolades for its sturdiness, comfort and ease of use.

It’s a “lifesaver for long-haul flights”, according to one reviewer. The buyer, who is 5ft 8in and flew 15 hours from Toronto to the United Arab Emirates, writes that it made their economy class experience “tolerable”.

Elevation “helps relieve pressure” on your back, legs and lower back, they say.

Airplane footrest in black on a white background (Photo via Amazon)

Airplane footrest (Photo via Amazon)

$18 at Amazon

It works “wonderfully” for restless legs, says another user. In addition, it is “well made” and “robust”.

The footrest is a “godsend”, raves a third buyer. “I [no longer] having restless legs during flights,” they say. It’s “small and light” to slip into your hand luggage, and it doesn’t “disturb the passenger in front of you”. me.”

Despite its 3.9-star rating, some users found the footrest “uncomfortable” because it “pushes your feet together”.

The verdict

Before heading out on your next long-haul flight, Amazon shoppers recommend checking out this “life-changing” airplane footrest.

Praised by buyers suffering from restless leg syndrome, this economical device is a “godsend” for uncomfortable flights. However, some users say the device caused more discomfort than relief, which is something to keep in mind when ordering.

The reviews quoted above reflect the most current versions at the time of publication.

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