UFC fighter turned food critic brings TikTokers to tears over pizzeria review

Once a UFC fighter, now a viral food critic, Keith Lee is changing lives with his authentic food reviews on ICT Tac.

Lee is based in Las Vegas and makes a constant effort to review local businesses in the area. Millions listen to nearly every one of his food reviews, in which he sits in a “Paw Patrol” chair, stares straight into the camera, and delivers his takes in a calm, monotonous tone. Yet her most recent video shattered her viewership records, amassing over 32 million in just under 10 days.

The review was about a local pizzeria named Frankensons. Lee received a call from one of the employees asking him to review the food. According to this employee, marketing was the only reason the company was struggling.

Following Lee’s review, this is no longer the case. The veteran critiqued eight Frankensons articles and gave the Restaurant great comments on food and service.

Since Lee posted the video, Frankensons has experienced an exponential boom in demand. The restaurant had to close early due to too many orders.

“Our phone never stopped ringing” Frankensons owner Frank Steele told local news station KTNV with tears in his eyes. “I have sold more Lemon Pepper Wings in the past two days than I have in the past four months. I made more Garlic Knots yesterday and the day before than I did have never done.

Lee first started doing food reviews to prepare for a scheduled appearance on People vs Food, a food-focused popular Youtube channel.

“I was like OK, if I was going to be on their show and I was a viewer, what would I be looking for if someone was on another platform?” Lee told Damon Martin of MMAfighting.com. “What would I look for to go to their platform and watch their videos? I was like, food reviews. I would watch someone do food reviews all day. So let me start doing food reviews.

“I said to my wife, ‘I guess I’ll just start putting out food reviews before I move on to People vs. Food. “”

It was the right decision. In just over a year, Lee has gone from not getting another contract as a fighter to one of Philosophy’s most influential food critics.

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