This Airbnb host outraged TikTok with her bizarre responses to guest reviews – Chip Chick

Most people either love the Airbnb platform or hate it. Benefits of renting include streamlined communication between guests and hosts, virtually endless house listings, and a cozy atmosphere.

Some people, however, believe that the disadvantages outweigh these advantages. The booking process takes longer, Airbnb rentals aren’t always more affordable, and hosts can be overly strict or pushy.

A TikToker named Kylie capitalized on the “bad host” experience and created a slew of videos that chronicle the outrageous responses a host named Terry told his guests.

Kylie is hilarious first video is what really rocked the TikTok community.

“I found the most disturbed woman on Airbnb, and I have to tell you about it,” Kylie began.

Terry’s place is a cute option near the beach for small parties. Located in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, the “Seahorse Beach Cottage” – built in 1930 – features a teal green exterior with a cozier layout.

The Airbnb is also quite appropriately priced for its smaller square footage – landing at ninety-eight dollars per night.

However, it’s essential for Kylie to read reviews before booking a getaway. After all, why not refer to the experiences of other customers before making your final decision? That’s when the hilarity arose in Kylie’s Airbnb search.

ICT Tac; pictured above, Kylie in one of her hilarious videos

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