This Airbnb in Wyoming costs over $1,300 a night!

wow. That’s all I have to say. I get it, stuff around Jackson and the Tetons is usually pretty expensive. But, I’m not totally sold on this particular property and the value. Maybe that’s it, location, location, location, but I still feel like it’s probably double what it should be.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a very nice property. It has very good facilities and I would like to stay there. But paying $1,300 a night? I do not know. I’m also not sure if being able to walk to the lifts is that important. Maybe to some people.

I will say it gives me an intimate feeling. It’s right in the heart of the Tetons so the surrounding area is immaculate. It’s what you would hope to see if you were at a guys resort in the mountains. It has everything you might need.

The rooms at this location are probably the best features. Looks like I could sleep on the master bedroom bed for a couple hundred days if I’m being honest. There is a nice little attached bathroom, so it would be worth fighting to stay there.

Now that I’ve lowered some expectations, let’s take a look at this insanely expensive Airbnb property. Maybe you’ll fall in love with it and scrape together lots of money with friends to treat it to a weekend getaway. Who knows, you might like it!

This Airbnb in Wyoming costs over $1,300 a night!

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