This Airbnb log cabin near Toronto is hidden in a peach orchard and has water views

Ontario is full of stunning getaway spots, and this dreamy Airbnb is one of them. Located just outside of Toronto in Lincoln, the small log cabin is surrounded by fruit trees and stunning views of a river.

The cabin, which has been recently renovated, can accommodate three people and has one bedroom and one bathroom. You will enter a surprisingly modern interior with high ceilings, large windows with views and elegant light fixtures.

Airbnb log cabin.fabiola | Airbnb

The kitchen includes a stove, microwave, Keurig coffee maker, mini fridge and more. There is even an outdoor barbecue. The bathroom has a rain shower that will make you feel like you are spending a day at the spa.

In the morning, you can relax on the porch with a coffee while gazing at 16 Mile Creek, and in the evening, you can roast s’mores by the campfire.

Cabin interior.Cabin interior.fabiola | Airbnb

Outside you will find a long staircase leading down to the water, as well as a variety of fruit trees that bloom in the spring. The orchard is open for guests to explore, so you can walk among the flowers. Fruit-like cherries and peaches adorn the surrounding trees.

Orchard cherry trees.Orchard cherry trees. fabiola | Airbnb

There are eight wineries within a seven-minute drive of the cabin, so you can take boozy day trips during your stay. You can also drive to Niagara Falls, Jordan Village, or other area attractions.

Views from the porch.Views from the porch. fabiola | Airbnb

Reservations usually open twelve months in advance, so keep an eye out if you’re planning a future trip! There are still a few places left for the 2022 season.

Airbnb overlooking 16 Mile Creek.Airbnb overlooking 16 Mile Creek.fabiola | Airbnb

Hosts also have another Airbnb on the same property that looks like a wonderful getaway place.

Airbnb in an orchard

The blossoming orchard.

The blossoming orchard.

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Neighbourhood: Lincoln, ON

Why you need to go: Wake up among fruit trees at this Airbnb in an orchard.

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