This British Airbnb with next to nothing in it…yours for $356

There are a few single inflatable mattresses.


There are a few single inflatable mattresses.

When looking for that perfect vacation property, sometimes you may want the simple things in life, the necessities and that’s it. Well, an Airbnb in the UK will certainly appeal as it offers the most basic accommodation. A few inflatable beds, and that’s about it. Welcome to the world of flat camping.

The list is in the pretty Cornish town of Penzance and would be in an ideal central location close to the beach, bus and train station.

The offer is pretty much an unfurnished space, aka flat camping.

The owner explains that it is “an ideal way to camp without being in a tent”.

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“Treat your stay here as if you were going camping…but with the luxury of being able to keep all your belongings safe.

In addition to the inflatable double bed and a few single beds, the occupants have the bare necessities of electricity, gas and hot water. There is also a bathroom, with a roll of toilet paper provided thankfully.

Space to move around in the kitchen.


Space to move around in the kitchen.

“Bring your own bedding, napkins, paper plates, disposable cutlery.”

The bedroom is described as “fairly small” but also “spacious” and be careful if camping flat with friends as users have to access the bathroom through the bedroom.

The cost? Well, that’s a three night minimum, so $356, or about $120 a night.

But that certainly didn’t deter people with the apartment earning a very credible 4.82 out of 5 on the home-sharing site.

Reviews have been quite glowing with comments such as “very comfortable”, “amazing” and “a great place to base yourself if you want to explore the surrounding area”.

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