This British Columbia beachfront “retreat” is for sale and is on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean

There’s a waterfront property for sale in British Columbia that’s right on the ocean, and it could be all yours.

The lot is located on a secluded island called Denny Island and to get there you will need to take one of the BC Ferries routes.

The entire property includes 1.65 acres of land and three super unique homes. the SEO said an A-frame house, a small cabin and a lodge are all located on the property.

So if you’re looking to share the property with a few friends, there’s a house to accommodate everyone!

It seriously looks like a great place to connect with nature and escape city life, whether it’s your full-time home or a vacation spot.

Ocean view from the lot.LandQuest

Here you can take in all the views of the Pacific Ocean and just relax.

Plus, everything is for sale at $449,000, which is kind of a steal when compared to the Vancouver real estate market.

Ocean view from the lot.Ocean view from the lot.LandQuest

If you like fishing, you could literally fish all day if you lived here.

Purchase comes with a dock and boat launch – so if you already have the perfect fishing boat, this place is ready for it.

Three houses on the land.Three houses on the land.LandQuest

Each house is extremely spacious and one even has an open loft that you could turn into a unique extra bedroom.

Loft at home in A.Loft at home in A.LandQuest

The houses are equipped with wood-burning fireplaces so you can stay cozy during the colder nights.

Interior of a house in the field with a fireplace and a sofa.Interior of a house in the field with a fireplace and a sofa.LandQuest

This property has the potential to allow you to be self-sufficient, whether fishing, hunting or gardening – you can do it all here.

Ocean views and homes on the lot.Ocean views and homes on the lot.LandQuest

If you’re thinking of ditching the city of Vancouver for a more relaxed lifestyle, this would be the perfect place to do it.

Alternatively, you can even turn the whole thing into a unique Airbnb beachfront retreat as a great investment opportunity.

Home or retreat by the sea

Two houses on the land.

Two houses on the land.


Price: $449,000

Location: Whiskey Slough Denny Island, Shearwater Road


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