This Ontario Airbnb lets you sleep in a lakeside bubble under endless starry skies

You’ve probably stayed in cabins, tents and cottages, but have you ever stayed in a bubble? That’s exactly what you can do at this unusual Airbnb in Ontario, which will wake you up in a giant, transparent dome.

The “Lakeside Bubble Dome Tent” is part of Camp Adelaide and is located in Haliburton, about three hours from Toronto. The unique tent can accommodate four people and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Bubble tent on the lake surrounded by trees.Zigen | Airbnb

Now, just because it’s a tent doesn’t mean you have to “rough it”. The deluxe dome features a queen bed, plush chairs, and even a fireplace for those chilly nights. The second part of the bubble has a double mattress on which another couple can sleep.

Tent interior with bed and seating area.Tent interior with bed and seating area.Zigen | Airbnb

The structure sits directly on the water, and you can take in the scenery from inside the dome or from the wraparound deck. At night, you can contemplate the starry sky while you fall asleep.

Exterior of the bubble tent. Exterior of the bubble tent. Zigen | Airbnb

The rental is complete with a private dock and a canoe or kayak for you to paddle around the lake. There are also up to 360 acres of forest and grassland to explore.

Ontario has several other unique locations available. You can sleep in a floating plane at this new location or relax under a canopy of glowing clouds at this beach house.

View of the lake with mist rising from the surface.View of the lake with mist rising from the surface.Zigen | Airbnb

If you fancy a getaway into nature, but still want to enjoy the comforts, then this luxury tented stay might be for you.

Lakeside bubble dome tent

Wraparound deck to bubble tent.

Zigen | Airbnb



Neighbourhood: Dysart et al, ON

Why you have to go: This fancy bubble tent offers lake views and starry skies.

Prices and occupancy conditions are confirmed at the time of publication, but may change at any time.

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