This quiz tells you where to go on vacation based on your Netflix history

If you don’t know where to travel next, inspiration might come from an unlikely place.

You may have already watched visit the places seen in your favorite program or checked some of our favorite travel documentaries and TV shows.

But how about taking a vacation entirely inspired by your Netflix viewing history?

Door-to-door luggage delivery service MyBaggage has created an interactive tool that recommends destinations based on your last binge-watching trip.

After answering questions about your favorite genres, how you want TV shows to make you feel, what kind of vacation you’re looking for and what time of year you want to travel, “Jetflix” suggest a location.

There are options for everyone, from documentary buffs to thrill seekers. hit fans netflix The original Bridgertons can live out their period fantasies in the British city of Bath. Money Heist fans can immerse themselves in the Spanish culture and language which is an integral part of the show.

And if any of you cool cats and kittens got really into Tiger King during lockdown, then Carole Baskin’s ‘Big Cat Rescue’ is still an option.

How does Jetflix work?

The quiz uses data from the 100 most-watched shows and movies on Netflix. Its creators used metrics like ratings, genres, and the emotions a show invokes to come up with thousands of possible results based on your answers.

Jetflix will also give you information on the average temperature of the location in the chosen season as well as the number of places to stay, eat and do things to do.

If you’re not a fan of the destinations it chooses, scroll down to find more options and even TV and movie recommendations based on your answers.

Try the quiz below yourself and find out where you should visit based on your favorite TV shows and movies.

TV-inspired travel is on the rise after the pandemic

Binge-watching has skyrocketed during the pandemic, with many of us stuck indoors looking for something to occupy our time. Now that the world is opening up again, it seems natural that our lockdown viewing habits will inspire us to visit destinations we might not have considered before.

Individuals looking for Squid Games’ iconic sweet snack, dalgona invaded street vendors in South Korea. Local tourist organizations have used iconic images and filming locations from the show to attract visitors. Even Jeju Island, although only briefly mentioned by one of the characters, caught the attention of fans.

Some of the most famous properties on screen also take advantage of our desire to live out our cinematic fantasies by opening as Airbnbs. Now you can stay in Tony Stark’s lakeside cabin in Georgia, sleep in Killing Eve’s gorgeous Barcelona apartment, or spend time relaxing in the Italian villa used to film BBC’s Normal People.

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