This St. Louis mansion has a massive model train in the attic

It’s one thing to be able to afford your own mansion in St. Louis. It’s another to have a huge model train in the attic, but that’s the case with a property I located with photos and videos of what it’s inside.

It is 7237 Christopher Drive in St. Louis. According to Real estate agent, the asking price is $2,299,000. This includes the usual amenities that come with a mansion… a hot tub, a Roman style pool in the back and also a miniaturized version of St. Louis in the upper part with a miniature train running through it.

A look inside this palace is truly impressive, even by the standards of St. Louis Mansion.

Missouri Mansion with huge model train in the attic

Here’s a bit how the listing describes this place:

Once in a lifetime estate presents itself as perfection, welcome to 7327 Christopher Dr. Nestled on over 10 wooded acres, this 7,500 square foot lot. The estate has been fully updated with all the civilized conveniences necessary for modern living, including an elevator serving all 4 floors.

If I had $2.3 million available, I’d like to sit in the attic and play with the train all day. As it stands, I guess I’ll just have to look at the pics for free like most others until the lottery calls my name. You can see even more photos at realtor list for you.

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