This Vancouver Home Is From Netflix’s ‘Firefly Lane’ And You Can Rent It (PHOTOS)

This luxury Airbnb in West Vancouver has been used as an iconic mansion in those of Netflix,path of the firefliesand you can actually stay there.

Cotton Cove Estate, which posed as Kate’s waterfront mansion on the show, costs $336 per night. Plus, it sleeps up to 12 people, so splitting the bill would make this stay relatively inexpensive.

The series was filmed all over Vancouver and features places like Lord Byng Secondary, Fort Langley, Per Se Social Corner, Alibi Room, Ovaltine Cafe and, of course, this cute ocean front pad in Vancouver.

Cotton Cove Estate.Money | Airbnb

It has six bedrooms, including nine beds, four and a half bathrooms and a huge patio! Basically, it’s the perfect place to organize a getaway with friends and create everlasting memories.

Cotton Cove Estate.Cotton Cove Estate.Money | Airbnb

The entire property is picture-worthy with sweeping ocean views, mountain view and gardens that will make you feel like you’ve been transported to the English countryside.

Cotton Cove Estate.Cotton Cove Estate.Money | Airbnb

Of course, there is also a huge swimming pool to relax and unwind.

Cotton Cove Estate.Cotton Cove Estate.Money | Airbnb

Whether you’re a fan of the series or just looking for a gorgeous home to stay in, this luxury mansion might just do the trick.

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