Three Buc-ee locations are coming to KY

For the average traveler, roadside travel hubs like Love’s or Pilot might not be that important. Maybe the thought is, “As long as I can go to the bathroom, get a snack and a drink, and get gas, I don’t care.”

Well, I really care. Guess maybe I’m not an average traveler. I love the aforementioned travel hubs because, yes, you CAN love them. And when word came last year that Kentucky was getting a Buc-ee travel center, people got excited. But maybe these people are now TRIPLY excited.

We now know that Kentucky will get not one, not two, but THREE Buc-ee, and two of them will be within 100 miles of Owensboro. And yes, I’m thrilled and plan to visit the nearest one when it opens. It would be the location of Smiths Grove in Warren County, just north of Bowling Green. It’s not yet known when it will open, but when it does, look for it at exit 38 off Interstate 65.

Kentucky’s first Buc-ee’s (fun to say, no doubt) will be in Richmond and will open April 19 just off Interstate 75 on Duncannon Lane.

The location of the third Buc-ee is in Oak Grove, Kentucky near Fort Campbell and the Tennessee state line. Its opening is scheduled for 2024.

I can not wait to be there. I never visited Buc-ee’s, a chain that started in 1982. And since it’s based in Texas, I guess that’s why. Despite the number of times I’ve been to Texas, I’ve only visited the Lone Star State a handful of times since then, and three of those visits were at airports.

After browsing the Buc-ee website, seeing all they have to offer and how the store is laid out, it was fun to learn that one of the chain’s big points of pride is their incredibly clean restrooms. Here’s a look inside the Buc-ee in Warner-Robins, Georgia.

I’m not laughing; it is important. I’ve been to gas stations/convenience stores/roadside travel centers and in very desperate situations, if you know what I mean, and actually chose to wait for the next stop.

Welcome to Kentucky, to Buc-ee. And, by the way, we will gladly take more than three.

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How many of these Kentucky attractions have you visited?

Let’s see how far you’ve traveled the Bluegrass State. Scroll through the list and see which attractions you’ve visited and which ones you still have on a “to do” list. I need to take care of myself too.

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