Tiny Arched Home Kits Are Available For As Low As $1,440 » TwistedSifter

The craze for the small house has been in full effect for a while now and here is another type of small dwelling that you should consider.

A company in Cyprus, Texas called Arched cabins sells AND ships kits for their tiny vaulted cabins and they really are something!

Their range of cabins in size. The cheapest costs around $1,440 and measures 64 square feet and the most expensive model the company currently sells is 30 feet x 40 feet and sells for $19,800.

You can also choose from different upgrades to make your little vaulted cabin your special home.

In addition to being reasonable, the company uses energy efficient insulation in their homes and people there say that “the use of alternative energy systems and the shape of our cabins lends itself to the collection of l ‘water !”

The company states, “The arched cabins can be used for workshops, offices, animal shelters, vacation homes, RV shelters, retirement homes, hunting lodges, student accommodation, tiny houses, tiny houses on wheels, granny pods / man caves / sheds, and lots more!

Here are some pictures of what one of these houses looks like inside.

Be sure to use the arrows in the post below so you can see all of the images.

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