Secondary investing is one of the many things celebrities do to keep the money coming. While there are a variety of industries to invest in, few celebrities find themselves frolic in the tech industry. Here is a profile of the top filmmakers and athletes and their investments.


The actor participated in October 2021 in the financing of a 10-month startup developing electric watercraft, including a limited edition boat at US $ 300,000. Smith’s other major investments include Printify, Landis Technologies, Titan, Clubhouse and Spark Neuro, a company that uses neurotechnology and AI to revolutionize the media, medicine and defense industries.


After launching Serena Ventures in 2014 to support early stage organizations, Serena Williams supported a seed funding round for wellness tech organization HUED, participated in a funding round for edtech startup Fiveable and joined Motley Fool Ventures in a $ 10 million series. An investment found for fintech startup Esusu, a black-owned tech company that helps lenders increase their credit scores. She worked with various investors to raise US $ 11 million from edtech start-up Flockjay.


Murray has invested in more than 30 startups through a UK-based crowdfunding platform, Seedrs, an initiative that earned him an entry on a celebrity investment index. These include an investment in charitable tech startup GoodBox and the “ZoomDoc on-demand doctor platform”. It also invests in fintechs. In 2017, Murray supported digital bank Revolut; in 2018, he participated in a funding round of US $ 1.6 million for Landbay; and recently, the supported invoice financing platform Investly.


Leonardo Dicaprio has invested in a number of startups, including leading a $ 3 million funding round for the Mobli app, which no longer exists. He participated in a round of US $ 4.5 million financings for Qloo, the actor supported recycling technology developer Rubicon, joined Goldman Sachs in a US $ 50 million funding round in 2016, as well as Magnus, an app that bills itself as a Shazam for art, not to mention Mosa Meat which produces meat from animal cells grown in the lab. Last year, DiCaprio made a significant investment in Struck Capital, which supports founders who leverage technology to tackle the world’s biggest problems.


Ashton Kutcher is a serial investor, co-founder of a tech-focused venture capital firm A-Grade Investments in 2010. He made early bets on Uber, Airbnb Spotify and Skype, turning a $ 30 million investment into $ 250 million, according to Forbes. The Lenovo product engineer also founded the investment firm Sound Ventures in 2015.

Kutcher has made dozen of investments in technology startups. Going through Ring Companies, hehas invested in micro-mobility startups Bird, Moovit and Robinhood. He participated in a US $ 17 million fundraiser for human resources management software startup Gusto; backed Berlin-based insurtech start-up Wefox and joined singer Harry Styles and other investors in raising US $ 1 billion for the meditation and sleep app, Calm, now a unicorn. More recently, Kutcher funded the start-up of MOLTEN and Superhuman enterprise software.


The The iron Man Star recently launch ESG focusedFootprint Coalition Companies (FCV), too during theWorld Economic forums virtual Davos Meet, hedisclosed of them New investment assets like a characteristic of FCVTo to help New companies this to help with weather cash.Among his wallet organizations are RWDC Industries,Cloud Paper, and Ynsect. He too recently took part in a$ 44 million funding tower for calendar based socialPlatform Saturn.

Posted on November 22, 2021

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