Top Tips for Where to Stay in Maui, According to Reddit

Figuring out where to stay in Maui for the first time can be overwhelming, which is why Reddit is a great place to look for answers – and it delivers on what it promises.

Maui is one of Hawaii’s most amazing islands (and best for snorkeling, hands down), making it a popular destination for newcomers to the islands. With that, however, comes the unknown territory of where to stay and why. The island is by no means small, and there are plenty of places travelers can consider when visiting Hawaii, all of which make the choice even more difficult.

When in doubt, Reddit is always a way to determine the best solution based on other people who have had the same question. Turns out there is a lot to know about vacations to Maui as well as hotels versus Airbnb, which cities are best for certain types of vacations, and which places are best based on individual weather conditions. . This is what the forum had to say about staying on the beautiful island of Maui.

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Consider one of the three main cities

Reddit’s common thread (no pun intended) for where visitors should stay in Maui comes in the form of three places: Kihei, Ka’anapali, and Lahaina. When deciding which one is better, travelers should also consider that Kahului, another town on the island, is only really useful for the airport that travelers will be flying to, according to reports. Reddit users.


  • Voted Best Destination in Maui
  • Six miles of beaches
  • 25 minutes from the airport
  • Sunniest and driest place on the island
  • Good for swimming, surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, and whale watching
  • Kihei’s Kalama Beach Park is a hub for recreation, including surfing
  • Accommodation includes condos, chalets and small boutique hotels


  • The smallest of the three
  • Three miles of beach and also considered one of the best on Maui
  • Very culture centric
  • Ideal for beach activities such as swimming, paddle boarding, snorkeling, boating and surfing
  • Accommodation includes resorts and condos


  • Located on the west coast of Maui, the largest of the three
  • Formerly a historic whaling village
  • 45 minutes from the airport
  • Known for its art galleries, unique boutiques and excellent restaurants
  • National Register of Historic Places
  • Home to Front Street, which is considered one of the largest (historic) streets in the country
  • Home to 55 hectares of historical monuments
  • Ideal for history buffs and those interested in Maui culture
  • Accommodation includes beach camping, hotels, inns and resorts

Affordability and rentals vs. Hotels

The next big thing on the minds of travelers when visiting Maui is the cost to do so. It can be an uphill battle between going with an Airbnb versus a hotel or resort, and luckily Reddit has some opinions on that as well. The general consensus is that Kehei is the more affordable of the three, which keeps him in the race for the best place for newcomers to Maui.

The downside to staying in Kehei is that the nightlife isn’t necessarily what it is in other towns, which was commonly mentioned throughout the thread. However, if visitors plan to do most of their tours and activities during the day, this shouldn’t be a problem. Those staying in Kehei should also be aware that the drive to Lahaina and Ka’anapali – both of which are points of interest in Maui – takes around 45 minutes.

Choose a hotel or a resort

For some, the idea of ​​an all-inclusive resort or hotel is worth spending the extra money. Since food in Hawaii is expensive, continental breakfasts and on-site restaurants are a big deal when it comes to booking a hotel rather than a rental property. Hotels and resorts also have swimming pools (another Reddit tip) which also helps justify the cost / night.

Some have recommended looking for resorts that offer condo rentals, which are worth the price as there are no additional fees to pay. Travelers will be able to rent condos directly from owners, which generally saves renters money.

Opt for an Airbnb

Some travelers prefer privacy, and when it comes to Maui, the idea of ​​having an entire home or condo to yourself has many benefits. For one thing, the views are often better from private rentals. However, one Reddit tip was to avoid booking through Airbnb and going directly to the rental source – that way travelers can bypass Airbnb fees.

It also gives travelers the option of renting a property located on or within walking distance of a beach or area of ​​interest. Depending on what travelers are looking for, they might be able to find a great location, in a great area, that a) will be worth the price paid or b) be worth the price paid.

In summary

Where to stay in Maui depends on what a traveler is looking for, but Reddit has helped narrow it down to three popular places on the island. When it comes to rentals versus hotels or resorts, it also depends on the budget and interests of the traveler.

Those looking for more budget options might find a boutique hotel to be the best, while those looking for intimate beach time and a full space for themselves might find a winner through Airbnb or VRBO, but can save money. money by booking directly with owners.

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