Tourism considered essential to fight a possible recession

“We cannot have any illusions: if there is a recession in Germany, the impact will be significant throughout Europe,” he said, stressing that the commitment to the tourism sector at the national level is crucial.

António Costa Silva was speaking in Funchal, as part of the inauguration ceremony of the Madeira delegation of SEDES – Association for Economic and Social Development, in which he was one of the speakers, on the central theme “The role of Madeira in the national economy”.

“Tourism is a great example that diversification can eventually fill the gaps that may exist in Germany or the UK,” he said, pointing to the 30% growth recorded this year in the number of tourists from the United States.

“We are a country which, through its own history, is connected to all the continents of the world. If we work all these markets in a coherent way, it is possible to overcome, or at least minimize, part of this impact”, he reinforced.

He added that the Economy Ministry “should not disrupt” the fabric of business, but should be “linked to all sectors” to identify problems and develop a set of policies that “get the most money in.” soon as possible”.

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