Travel expert Simon Calder issues airport safety tips amid Easter flight chaos

Over the past few years Simon Calder has helped a lot of people with vacations and covid.

With ever-changing travel rules and companies like British Airways (BA) and easyJet canceling hundreds of flights, many are worried about their holidays.

The travel expert is well known for translating all confusing information into something a little easier to digest and helping to ease vacationers’ anxiety.

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So, with the rise in staff covid cases resulting in delays with easyJet and BA, he appeared on TV to share his practical travel advice.

Appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, he shared his do’s and don’ts for getting through airport security.

Host Adil Ray asked the traveler if it’s best to “minimize cabin baggage to get through security queues and only have carry-on baggage? Do you think that’s going to make all the difference to the people ?”

Simon replied: “Yes, absolutely. It’s a really, really good idea to do whatever you can to help the queues go smoothly. Over the years we’ve had the incentive to pack all of our stuff in carry-on baggage. And during the pandemic, everyone who hasn’t flown in a few years has kind of forgotten about the liquid rule.

“So let me remind you – a clear plastic bag, nothing more than 100ml. I used to work in security at Gatwick airport and know that once you have a search manual required, it really complicates things. The best thing if you can just help yourself, help others and remember the liquid rule and if you check everything, even better.”

GMB co-host Kate Garraway added her own advice, saying: “Also be sure to wear shoes that you can take off easily and without heels” warning those with contact lenses to ensure that they are in a clear plastic bag to keep in line with the airport’s 100ml cash policy.

Simon also appealed to the public to respect airport workers.

He concluded: “There are a lot of people working on the front line. They’ve been up at 3am, they’re not having a brilliant day – please give them the respect they deserve. .No abuse to those people trying to get you on vacation.”

Travel tips you need to know before heading to the airport

Paul Stewart, Managing Director of My luggages comments: “As the Easter travel chaos continues due to increasing numbers of flight cancellations and staff shortages at UK airports, many travelers are left without their luggage.

“Hundreds of passengers across the country find themselves separated from their baggage for hours or even days as baggage claim areas pile up. Many have been asked to submit claims for missing baggage, which could result in weeks before the airline sends their belongings in. By courier.

“This is due to a number of factors, namely conveyor belt delays as a ripple effect resulting from staffing issues. Security wait times are also getting longer as passengers have been waiting for hours for their luggage to be checked in.

“Keep your valuables with you, such as jewelry and electronics, to prevent them from being lost. However, if you are taking checked baggage, make sure it is immediately recognizable to you to prevent other passengers do not take your luggage.”

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1. Less is more

Try to use hand luggage only, packing as lightly as possible to avoid waiting times. Alternatively, you can use baggage shipping services if you need a lot of luggage for your trip.

2. Compare airlines

Check and compare airline delay and cancellation policies to make sure you get the best deal if something goes wrong. Review procedures for canceled flights, accommodation arrangements and refunds when looking for the best deal.

3. Make sure you are insured

If you can’t use a courier or just have carry-on luggage, be sure to choose a travel insurance policy that covers your luggage should anything happen due to delays, wait times and cancellations.

4. Don’t rain on my parade

Monitor the weather from where you are departing and where you are traveling to, so you are prepared for any adverse conditions that may affect your trip, such as delays, increased wait times and cancellations.

5. The early bird catches the worm

Arrive at the airport with enough time. With current conditions, it is recommended that you arrive even earlier than usual to account for any delays, long lines or issues that may arise.

You can check what time you need to arrive at Glasgow airport here among all delays.

6. Essentials

In case of separation of your luggage, try to put the necessary in your hand luggage in order to have everything you need on you.

7. Remuneration

Many airlines will offer free accommodation or other compensation if your flight is canceled or significantly delayed. There is no harm in asking if you are entitled to refunds.

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