Travel is the antidote to endless scrolling

Photo: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

SAN FRANCISCO — Travel may play a different role than it has in the past.

What they say : It will become “the antidote for us to scroll endlessly on a screen or watch something or buy something or work,” Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky told the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference. + Technology.

Why is it important: The pandemic has introduced new ways of living and working remotely, but people crave human connection more than ever.

State of play: Time spent in front of screens has increased dramatically during the pandemic.

  • Mental Health decreases as shutdowns and remote working have kept people isolated.

What they say : Our offices are now in our homes, movie theaters are in our living rooms, and shopping is done on our phones, Chesky said.

  • “I think we want a way to get out of our homes and out of the screens. And I think that’s what travel is going to do in the next decade,” he said.
  • “The type of travel that will emerge is not necessarily old-fashioned business travel [or] people with selfie sticks in front of a landmark.”
  • “That’s going to be the reason the trips were special in the first place – connecting with other people, [whether that’s] connect with friends and family to get together, go to conferences to meet, or just to make friends. ”

What to watch: Before the pandemic, travel was dominated by the world’s top 100 cities, according to Chesky.

  • But now people travel to 100,000 cities and discover many more places.

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