Travel news: where to stay, how to travel and what to eat

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(CNN) — This week in travel news: the best hotels in the world, the best sandwiches and the most spectacular train journeys. Also, pilot emergencies in Florida and London and the latest countries to ease their entry restrictions.

Sky News

A passenger with no flight experience landed at a Florida airport on May 10 after the pilot became incapacitated. An air traffic controller took the call and guided him step by step.
The news came after a Virgin Atlantic flight to New York from London had to turn back after it emerged the first officer, although fully qualified, had not completed Virgin’s final flight test.
Earlier this month, a United Airlines passenger was taken into custody after opening an emergency exit and walk on the wingand in Bangkok, a man was arrested after allegedly making a armed rampage at the largest airport in the country.

Spectacular stays

The world’s most loved hotel of 2022 is a Costa Rican resort with more than 50 bungalows and villas and a private beach, according to Tripadvisor’s annual report Traveller’s Choice Award. Spots in Brazil, Greece, Turkey and Switzerland also made the top 10.
For something even more exclusive, however, a very lucky few will be able to book a night in June at Paris’ famous Moulin Rouge, in a secret room inside the windmill itself. It will be available through Airbnb with a symbolic price of one euro, and potential customers will be able to submit their booking requests. from May 17.
If your accommodation preferences lean more towards simplicity and a return to nature, you can however take inspiration from these travelers who have converted theirs. comfortable motorhomes.

Food and drink

France faces a fatty liver crisisand this time it’s not because of pressure from animal rights activists, but because of an outbreak of avian flu.
Next door in Italy we watched Nutella’s posh ancestor gianduiotto: a melting blend of cocoa and premium hazelnuts that grow in the Langhe region of Piedmont.
Further south in Umbria is the region of Lake Trasimeno, known for its traditional dishes that are very different from its neighbors. Forget pizza and pasta: we’re talking about shady friends like perch, pike and eel.
And finally, a humble, heavy staple loved by people of all nations: We’ve rounded up 23 of the the best sandwiches in the world.

Changes to travel rules

New Zealand has announced that it will fully reopen to international visitors on July 31, two months ahead of schedule. Japan has also announced that it will relax its strict border measures in June, although dates and details have still to be confirmed.
The Polynesian island country of Samoa open its international borders in August, although again, more details are yet to come. Earlier this week, its neighbor Fiji was upgraded from Tier 3 (“high”) to Tier 2 (“moderate”) on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s travel advisory for Covid-19 risk . Only one destination — one Caribbean favorite — moved to level 3.

Railway Adventures

From China’s “Railway to Heaven” to The Ghan’s Australian Outback adventure, here are some of the the most amazing train rides.

In case you missed it

We have the technology to end the ban on liquids at airports.

Don’t provoke and don’t panic.

From trendy and dynamic Lima to pre-Columbian Peru.

When Anthony Bourdain traveled to Peru for “Parts Unknown”, now available as podcast.

The best travel pillows

There’s nothing better than setting off on a new adventure with your main pressure, which is, of course, your favorite travel pillow. Our partners at CNN Underscored, a guide to CNN-owned product reviews and recommendations, have selected their best travel pillow for 2022.

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