Tree explodes after being struck by light, damaging several buildings and cars in Ashland – Boston 25 News

ASHLAND, Mass. – Several people were forced to leave their homes after the rapid storm on Saturday night swept through Ashland.

An Ashland Fire Department lieutenant said a tree was struck by lightning outside Ashland Commons on Presidents Row.

“The tree did not just fall. It exploded, ”the lieutenant told Boston 25 News. “Pieces of the tree flew off, big pieces of the tree flew 100 to 150 feet away and impaled everything in their path. When lightning struck, it just exploded into shrapnel.

Ashland Fire said about eight cars and three buildings were damaged by the flying debris.

“Pieces of car doors impaled by trees pierced the roofs,” the lieutenant said. “Two buildings were hit fairly well. Another building about 200 feet away was impaled through the roof. “

Incredibly, no one was hurt.

“Thank goodness no one was outside when it exploded,” the lieutenant said. “This is why it is so important to stay indoors during a storm like this.”

The 100-foot pine tree was still lying on the ground outside the apartments on Sunday morning. Several windows have been barricaded and the Red Cross has been notified.

Firefighters said at least half a dozen people had been moved from their homes.

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