Uber Eats launches hub for babies and children

As a parent, I can tell you firsthand how stressful it can be when you are traveling and you don’t have something you need for your baby or toddler. I’m talking about diapers and wipes, a thermometer, toys, bedding, food, a car seat and more. Once, when we were in Orlando and our daughter was barely a year old, her stroller broke. We spent several hours trying to find a store and going there to buy a replacement.

Uber has understood this and is taking action: in partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond, the brand is launching a baby and children vertical today on the Uber Eats app where parents can order thousands of essential and fun items for their kids on demand. Their order is delivered directly to their home – their hotel, Airbnb or home – within an hour. As of now, the service is available anywhere in the United States.

Some of the top brands parents can choose from include buybuy BABY, Honest, Yumi, Lalo, Little Spoon, and Nyssa.

“We created this service because customers wanted it,” says Becky Katz Davis, Uber consumer communications spokesperson, who adds that from June to August of this year, 20,000 people searched for baby products. on the Uber Eats app.

“As a new mom, I have experienced what it is like to realize that I have no more diapers or that I urgently need a pacifier, and that I can’t just run to the bed. store or wait for a package to arrive in the mail, ”she said. “So today we’re excited to introduce the Baby & Kids Hub on Uber Eats to help parents and caregivers get everything they need for their kids with just the push of a button.”

Uber’s new vertical is fantastic, according to Andrew Steinberg, travel consultant for luxury firm Ovation Vacations. “One of the barriers to traveling with kids is the amount of stuff you have to travel with. The fact that you can get a crib, a formula and everything in between adds an element of ease to your trip, ”he says. “It is a game-changer for traveling with children. “

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